Biden Tells Military Global Warming is the “Greatest Threat to America”

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden, addressed American troops when visited a U.S. Air Force base in Suffolk, England. Biden claimed military leadership told him the newest “greatest threat to America” isn’t China or terrorism.

Biden started off, “Y’know when I was over in the tank in the Pentagon, and I was first elected vice president with President Obama, the military sat us down to let us know what the greatest threats facing America were, the greatest physical threats.”

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“This is not a joke. Y’know what the Joint Chiefs told us the greatest threat facing America was,” Biden continued, “Global warming.”

Biden’s explanation, “Because there’ll be significant population movements, fights over land, millions of people leaving places because they are literally sinking below the sea in Indonesia. Because of the fights over what is arable land anymore.”

This comes a week after Biden gave a speech on the 100 anniversary of the Tulsa race riots where he said, “According to the intelligence community, terrorism from white supremacy is the most lethal threat to the homeland today.”

Former President Donald Trump responded to Biden in a statement.

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“Biden just said that he was told by the Joint Chiefs of Staff that Climate Change is our greatest threat. If that is the case, and they actually said this, he ought to immediately fire the Joint Chiefs of Staff for being incompetent,” he said.


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