Rittenhouse Trial: Grosskreutz Admits His Handgun Was Illegally Possessed

From the very beginning, one of the primary media narratives surrounding the Kenosha shooting revolves  around Kyle Rittenhouse allegedly possessing his rifle. 

Rittenhouse was not illegally possessing as per an exception outlined in Wisconsin statute 948.60(3)(c) allowing 17 year olds to legally possess only rifles and shotguns.

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Ironically, Monday on the witness stand Gaige Grosskreutz, one of the men shot by Rittenhouse admitted that the handgun he possessed and attempted to shoot Rittenhouse with was unlawfully possessed. 

When asked by the prosecutor if he was armed that night, Grosskreutz admitted that he was. The prosecution then asked if he had a concealed carry permit and he promptly responded with another yes. 

However, when asked if the permit was valid Grosskreutz admitted that it in fact as not. At the time his permit was expired and he was legally unable to possess and conceal his handgun. 

Many allege that Grosskreutz is a felon and unable to possess for that reason. Grosskreutz is not a felon and would be able to posses if his permit was valid, but it was not. 

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Oddly, it was the prosecutor that exposed Gaige’s illegal possession and not Kyle’s defense attorney. 


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