Psaki Considered Cutting Biden Press Event After Taking Extra Questions

Press events over the last year have left the country wondering if the President will ever live up to his pledge of transparency.  Is it Biden who can’t remain committed, or is it his handlers? 

Press Secretary Jen Psaki allegedly considered cutting the President off when he decided he would ask questions longer than he had initially scheduled. It’s hard to hear such a statement made by a member of the administration and not be immediately concerned with the direction the administration is moving in. 

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“I was in the back and I was thinking, ‘Do I cut this off? He seems to be having a good time. He’s calling on nearly everyone in the room.’ So yes I did have that go through my mind,” the Press Secretary said when asked if Biden had taken drugs prior to the press event to keep himself awake. 

The Daily Caller reported, Psaki made the statement during an appearance on Pod Save America, saying she was surprised by Biden’s decision but allowed it to move forward because he seemed “to be having a good time.” Biden’s Jan. 19 press conference was the longest of any recent president, clocking in at nearly two hours. While Biden remained composed throughout, he made a number of statements on Russia’s aggression toward Ukraine and the legitimacy of the 2022 midterm elections

What would have happened if Biden wasn’t having a “good time”? What if he was being grilled with tough, hard hitting questions and made a fool of himself? Would Psaki have immediately interjected and swooped into save the President from another PR nightmare? 


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