Biden Admin will be going “DOOR TO DOOR” to get Remaining Americans Vaccinated!

It has been determined by the Biden Administration that around-the-clock mainstream coverage, force-fed videos on your YouTube feed, idiot celebrity endorsement, and the droves of shrieking, broken people berating you in public for not wearing a mask while eating just isn’t enough. Some people may not have quite gotten the message yet.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s announcement of the White Houses’ new initiative for a “targeted” door-to-door public outreach program comes right on the heels of the stated goal of the administration to achieve a 70% vaccination rate nationwide falls far short of estimations. The outreach campaign is stated to prioritize the availability of information on the vaccine in an effort to assure the unvaccinated of the safety and effectiveness of the vaccines. Many such efforts have already been observed on the state level.

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How the White House plans to do that while even cable news is reporting on the new “delta” variant and its tenancy to re-infect those who have covid and even many who have been vaccinated is yet unclear.

While local, state, and federal authorities have tried everything they can think of to convince people to get the jab, from cash giveaways to freebies at restaurants (often in blatant disregard for an individual’s unique medical circumstances), there is still a sizable proportion of the population that has ranged from skeptical to outright distrusting of the medical establishment. Insufficient data on long-term effects, pending approval by agencies, vaccine injury reports, and even political opposition are just a few among many reasons that can be cited. In many cases, people have been advised by their own doctors to abstain from vaccination, or have already been vaccinated with a jab that is now being discussed as ineffective against new variations of covid. What are these people supposed to do?

It doesn’t take a sociologist or a psychic to see where this leads – government workers going from door-to-door to people who are becoming increasingly alienated and distrustful of them by the day very certainly becomes dangerous for everyone involved. If this program really is “targeted” as Psaki claims, then how targeted is it? Our general areas of low vaccination rates being visited, or are there lists of individual addresses that will get a knock at their door?

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