Trump Almost Confirms 2024 Campaign

Former President Donald J Trump has dropped yet another hint that he will be running once again in 2024. 

When a spectator caught Trump on the golf course he asked “Mr. President, are you planning on announcing soon for- [the election/campaign]“ the president promptly smiled and said “oh you’re gonna be so happy” 

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This is not a direct confirmation that Trump will run again, though it is a very strong clue. 45 has essentially left a bread crumb trail directly to his plans for 2024 though it is still very very early. 

Joe Biden despite low ratings is optimistic about running against Trump again, and it’s likely Trump feels the reverse, optimistic to run against Joe once more. 

Biden said that he would “not be disappointed” if he had to run against Donald Trump a second time. He did not however give any predictions on whether or not the two would be paired up against each other again. 

“In the next election, I’d be very fortunate if I had Trump running against me,” he touted.

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In the past, Joe has said that the prospect of Trump running once more would only encourage him to lead another campaign, though the outcome likely wouldn’t be in his favor. 

The democrat doctrine of 2020 was “vote blue no matter who” in an effort to dethrone Trump. Now those Democrats have seen the devastating effect of voting for a poor candidate with a deteriorating mind. 

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Record inflation paired with a supply chain crisis wreak havoc on the nation while the executive and legislative branches throw money overseas almost as quickly as it can be printed. 


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