The Embarrassing Putin Smackdown of Joe Biden

Earlier today, Biden and Putin met during their widely anticipated summit at the Villa de la Grange in Geneva, Switzerland. Following a rough and embarrassing week of blunders and getting lost at a cafe, (don’t worry, Biden’s probably forgotten about it by now) this politically pivotal meeting between the US and Russia’s president was more of the same. American reporters – if you can call them that – would have to enjoy the spectacle just out of earshot, however. The press was manhandled and corralled toward the door while the chief executive looked on in apparent amusement.

The respect Russia has for Biden – and America by extension – is evident in this act. Freedom of the press, after all, is more of a privilege granted to Putin’s most talented boot-lickers. Biden, either unable or unwilling to confront Putin on this (likely both), simply laughed it off with his translator like a misfit middle-schooler trying to look cool in front of the class jock.

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As several “reporters” recounted their experience at the meeting – or rather, outside of it – it begs the question if they preferred their treated by an international leader on Biden or Trump, who would have likely stopped the meeting dead in its tracks at such a gesture.

Journalists and White House officials screamed back that the Russian security should stop touching us,” wrote Politico’s, Antia Kumar. “Your pooler was pushed multiple times, nearly to the ground, as many poolers tripped over the red rope, which was now almost to the ground.”

The colleagues of these pitiable, ragdoll reporters have, as predictably as a sunrise, already proclaimed the summit was one in which America was utterly victorious. Biden having trounced Putin in a terrific display of Democracy’s dominance.

Less complicate celebrity anchors are instead pointing out that the summit did not even last as long as was scheduled, likely for the same reason Biden was 2 and half hours late for a NATO presser on Sunday.

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America is not being well represented on the world stage. Physical control over our press is being flaunted for all to see and the president doesn’t care. There is blood in the water and our advisories can smell it.


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