Taliban Grows in the Middle East

In a recent report by The New York Times, Afghanistan forces are surrendering in droves to the Taliban as the U.S. continues to withdraw its forces.

Government officials told the Times an estimated 26 bases or outposts in Lghnam, Baghlan, Wardak, and Ghazni surrendered to the Taliban, who used village elders to deliver their demands to outposts under the threat of death.

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Nabi Sarwar, a village elder, said, “We told them, ‘Look, your situation is bad – reinforcements aren’t coming.'”

In the Baghlan province, village elder Mohammed Jalal said, “The government is not able to save the security forces. If they fight, they will be killed, so they have to surrender.”


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As a result of the newly captured territories, the Taliban has captured weapons, ammunition, and vehicles to their arsenal.

The U.S. upheld its Trump-era agreement to withdraw troops from Afghanistan by May 1, President Joe Biden wants to be fully out of the country, along with NATO forces, by the 20th Anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attack.

A Pentagon inspector general believes there will be a widespread spring offensive where the Taliban has surrounded five provincial capitals.

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