Police Close Major Highways In D.C. Due To People’s Convoy

Police have closed off access from major highways to downtown Washington D.C. as truckers from the “People’s Convoy” make their way to the capital. 

The Peoples Convoy seeks to protest pandemic-related restrictions. The truckers come from all around the country, but primarily from California. Truckers were seen on I-395, I-695, and 1-295 reportedly causing traffic jams. 

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Though COVID-19 restrictions have been largely drawn down, the People’s Convoy seeks to ensure that remaining restrictions are done away with and that others remain lifted. 

At many points COVID-19 rules have been lifted, only to be reinstated months later. This has occurred both on the state and local level and usually happens as voters become displeased and poll tank. 

Newsweek reported, The group entered the D.C. area after they were partially denied an application to hold a two-week protest at the National Mall beginning on Monday. The National Park Service said other events were booked during that time and they were working with the group to find another date and location for the protest.

“These rolling road closures are occurring in real-time as they are needed, and will be lifted as soon as they are no longer necessary,” read a Tweet from Alert DC. 

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The Truckers sought permission to assemble and protest in the National Mall, but really, shouldn’t need it. Especially not for downtown D.C. Both downtown and the National Mall are public spaces where free speech and the right to assemble are protected. Individuals often use the National Mall as a place to spread their ideas and speak freely. 


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