Half A Dozen Planes Containing American Citizens Taken Hostage By Taliban

According to Republican representative Michael McCaul (R-Texas) the Taliban are in possession of 6 airplanes containing American citizens, and Afghan refugee’s.

Forbes reported, McCaul suggested the flights are being held hostage until the U.S. recognizes the Taliban as Afghanistan’s legitimate governing power, as it now controls the vast majority of the country, but U.S. officials have thus far declined to do so.

Prior to being captured by the Taliban, the planes were meant to head to Doha, Qatar for processing. 

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The State Department told lawmakers that the planes would depart for Doha “if and when” the Taliban agrees.

“An email from the State Department to members of congress —  and viewed by CBS  — acknowledged that charter flights are still on the ground at the Mazar-i-Sharif airstrip and have permission to land in Doha “if and when the Taliban agrees to takeoff.” CBS correspondent Eena Ruffini tweeted Sunday. 

It seems like only days ago, the philosophy of the Biden administration was “no man left behind.” 

The president said, “Let me be clear, any American who wants to come home, we will get you home.” On August 20th. 

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Yet another promise broken by the Biden administration as Americans stranded in Afghanistan are hunted, beaten, and held for ransom. 

Aboard the planes there are at least 19 American citizens, and many more Afghan refugees. 

Estimates range from 100-200 total Americans remaining in Afghanistan after the U.S. military had fully pulled out of the Kabul airport.

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