Democrat States Begin To Roll Back Unemployment Benefits

FILE - In this April 11, 2019 file photo, Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards attends a press conference in Opelousas, La. Republicans challenging Edwards couldn’t match the Democrat’s fundraising pace as they ready for final advertising blitzes ahead of the Oct. 12 election. (AP Photo/Lee Celano, File)

As the Pandemic fizzles out, it’s time for America to get back to work, and roll back added unemployment benefits. 

The Daily Caller reported: “Louisiana will be the first Democratic-controlled state to roll back its $300 a week unemployment benefits enacted by federal programs.

Gov. John Bel Edwards signed the bill Wednesday that stops the weekly payments on July 31, but raises Louisiana’s maximum jobless benefits to $275, starting in 2022, according to the legislation.”

As Louisiana takes steps to restore normalcy they are followed by 25 Republican states also making an effort to roll back unemployment benefits and get Americans working again. 

The legislation has one goal: helping businesses hire. In most states businesses are struggling to fill positions as a result of pandemic relief. 

After all, why work all day when you can earn similar wages on the couch at home, or spending time with family? This is the sentiment that these programs create if left in place for too long. 

According to the Wall Street Journal 42% of Americans who benefited from the increased unemployment benefits made more money than they did while they were working. This only decreases motivation and creates a void where the incentive to work should be. 

The extra $300 in federal benefits is set to expire in September. Joe Biden indicated that he has no intentions to change this plan, although America may benefit from it ending sooner. 

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