Largest Teachers Union In America Backs Critical Race Theory for Kids

 Many Americans believe that critical race theory (CRT) does nothing more than pit children and adults against each other on the basis of their race. Now the nations largest teachers union has vowed to support it. 

The Daily Caller reported, The National Education Association (NEA), the nation’s largest teachers union, has approved a plan to implement Critical Race Theory (CRT) in 14,000 school districts across all 50 states.

A document obtained by Manhattan Institute Fellow Christopher Rufo shows that the union approved a plan to spend more than $127,000 to “oppose attempts to ban critical race theory and/or The 1619 Project.”

In the above video, a parent talks about critical race theory being taught to his grade school aged daughter. He explains that the theory was never intended to be taught in k-12 but rather to law students when examining laws. He goes on to say that k-12 teachers don’t have the education required to teach it and rather use it to push their own narratives.

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Critical race theory, in the way that it is being taught attempts to blame modern problems on things that happened generations ago and have since been made illegal. CRT also teaches that all interactions should be looked at through the lens of race. This will undoubtedly just create more racism and biases across the board. 

CRT will teach some that they are violent oppressors, and others that they are oppressed due to the color they were born. That they can’t do all that others can. That their life will be more difficult by default. 

This is not only untrue, but will bind some to a path of self oppression, where excuses are made for every failure. Rather than encouraging strife and hard work, justification will be made for laziness. 


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