Price Of A BBQ Up By 17% In One Year

One year ago Joe Biden touted low barbecue prices claiming that a 4th of July barbecue would cost $0.16 less than the previous year. 

According to the White House graphic, beans had dropped in price by 13%, ice cream by 5%, and lemonade by 2%. 

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“Planning a cookout this year? Ketchup is on the news. According to the Farm Bureau, the cost of a 4th of July BBQ is down from last year. It’s a fact you must hear (d). Hot dog, the Biden economic plan is working. And that’s something we can all relish,” the official White House account said in a Tweet. 

Now the average price of a barbecue has risen by roughly 17% over the last year. The greatest contributor to the increase is chicken which has spiked in price. Pork and ground beef are also up by 33% in price, while lemonade is up by 22%. 

An almost two-dime reduction in price and the Biden Administration was bragging. The worst part? The $0.16 decrease in the price of a barbecue was likely a remnant of Trump-era actions. It had remained before Biden was able to further sink the ship.

Chief Economist for the American Farm Bureau Federation Roger Cryan blames a struggling fuel industry, more costly labor, and fertilizer costs paired with the war in Ukraine for such expensive products. 


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