BLM Attacks a Police Department in South Carolina

Rock Hill, South Carolina was uncommonly hectic Wednesday night as over a hundred BLM agitators set fires in front of the Rock Hill police station.

Their reason? The arrest of a Travis and Ricky Price, Ricky having had a history with the law.

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Ricky was stopped for a traffic violation that escalated into a brawl while an arrest for marijuana possession. And while detaining someone for weed is trivial, your situation becomes a hundred times worse when you fight with the cops. This is where Ricky’s brother, Travis, also comes into play. After a prolonged scuffle and backup arriving the Price brothers were taken into custody.

A local BLM group, apparently displeased that the police were not as complicate and ineffective as those in Portland or New York, mobilized within hours and gathered in the front of the police station where the Princes were reportedly being held. Fires were set in front of the building, and orders were shouted among the mob to obstruct the fire department’s response.

This was, however, a fairly restrained and tame attack by BLM standards. While fires were set and objects thrown at officers, the mob did not, apparently feel confident enough in its numbers or environment to set direct fire to the building or overtake it – as has been the case in other such situations. South Carolina, of course, being a rather red state unlike New York, Minnesota, Oregon, Washington, etc.

That being the case, it is unlikely that this riot will be a particularly long-lasting one. With no sympathetic district attorneys at the rioter’s backs, those identified will, in all likelihood, be joining the Prices and be facing even more serious charges. Rockwell is a long way from Portland.

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