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Trump Invites Choir Snubbed by Capitol Police to Perform at Trump’s SC Rally

Rushingbrook Children’s Choir to Perform at Trump’s South Carolina Rally


Former President Donald Trump has extended an invitation to the Rushingbrook Children’s Choir to perform at his upcoming South Carolina rally. The choir hails from Greenville and was recently prohibited from singing at the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.

Trump is right to call this action by Capitol Police and a staffer a ‘shameful’ incident for our nation. The former President made this invitation to give ‘tens of thousands of people’ an opportunity to witness the exceptional skill of this talented group of performers.

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Trump’s rallies boast a massive turnout of supporters, and it is only fitting that the Rushingbrook Children’s Choir gets to perform before such a gathering.

David Rasbach, the choir’s director, who attempted to hold the performance inside the Capitol Building, describes it as ‘quite an honor’ to be invited by Mr. Trump, who is also the GOP’s 2024 frontrunner.

Rasbach says he wouldn’t miss this opportunity to give his young performers an opportunity to display their talents. According to reporting by Tyler O’Neil at The Daily Signal, the event’s initial prohibition is a reflection of our nation’s moral decline.

The incident involves South Carolina Republican Reps. William Timmons and Joe Wilson conducting an event that had been cleared by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. Rasbach claims that the Capitol Police prevented the choir from singing due to the event being a ‘demonstration.’

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However, the police department denied this, adding that they ‘were not aware that the Speaker’s Office had approved this performance’ and that the debacle was a ‘miscommunication.’

Rasbach expressed shock and disappointment at the incident that occurred on May 26. He also added that he couldn’t believe that children singing the national anthem could be silenced at the steps of the House of Representatives, the epitome of democracy and patriotism.

It is appalling that our children had to face this indignity on the grounds of the US Capitol, where national unity and sovereignty are celebrated.

However, Trump, in his capacity as a private citizen, invited the choir to perform for the enthusiastic crowds at the South Carolina rally.

Trump’s invitation can be interpreted as an expression of his love for patriotism, which he shares with his supporters.

The Rushingbrook Children’s Choir is a very talented group of young singers. Their undoubted expertise in singing the national anthems in the most melodious notes should be granted a platform for displaying their incredible talent.

Trump’s invitation to the choir is in line with his commitment to promoting national pride and unity.

The prohibition of the children’s choir from singing at the US Capitol represents a dark period of our nation’s history, where the freedom to display patriotism and national unity is threatened.

The action harms our children and society as a whole, and should be condemned in the strongest of terms.

Rasbach’s commitment to the choir and their love of music is a critical aspect of the recent developments.

His steadfast support of the choir is commendable, and he is determined to provide his performers with opportunities to display their exceptional skills.

Trump, in inviting the choir to his rally, is promoting an inclusive society where all are welcome irrespective of age.

Trump’s rallies are a unique feature of his political campaign. They are an opportunity for his supporters to hear views that are aligned with their beliefs. However, they also provide a platform to showcase the skills of ordinary Americans.

The Rushingbrook Children’s Choir’s invitation to perform at the rally underscores Trump’s commitment to providing opportunities and support to the most talented Americans.

The act of preventing children from singing patriot songs at the Capitol Building is undoubtedly shameful. However, the invitation to the Rushingbrook Children’s Choir to perform at Trump’s rally shows that Americans who cherish our national identity and values can unite against those who seek to undermine them.

The invitation of the Rushingbrook Children’s Choir to perform at Trump’s rally is a testament to the power of music in unifying Americans and promoting patriotism.

As the children’s choir performs for Trump’s supporters, it will help create a sense of national pride that is essential in this era of great transformation.

The controversy surrounding the Rushingbrook Children’s Choir serves as a reminder of the importance of speaking up for national unity and patriotism.

This is critical for building a society that is inclusive and respectful of all Americans, irrespective of their age, race, or gender.

The restrictions placed on the Rushingbrook Children’s Choir are a reflection of how far we have strayed from national unity and patriotic values. However, the invitation extended to the choir by Trump is a glimmer of hope that suggests that Americans can unite against attempts to silence patriots and nationalists.

Trump’s invitation to the Rushingbrook Children’s Choir is in line with his commitment to promoting inclusivity and diversity in our country.


Trump’s rallies are attended by diverse groups of Americans, and his invitation to the children’s choir underscores his commitment to creating an America that is fair, inclusive, and respects their culture.

The Rushingbrook Children’s Choir is a potent symbol of America’s future. The choir is made up of young Americans who love their country and are proud of their culture.

Trump’s invitation provides the choir with a platform to display their talent while also promoting patriotism and national unity.

Trump’s invitation to the Rushingbrook Children’s Choir is a message to all Americans that we must unite in defense of our nation’s values. Such unity and patriotism are essential in ensuring that we continue to strive for a more inclusive and fairer society.

In conclusion, Trump’s invitation to the Rushingbrook Children’s Choir is an opportunity for Americans to come together and celebrate their nation’s values and diversity.

The choir’s performance at Trump’s rally will help highlight the importance of national pride and uniting against those who seek to undermine it.

The scandal surrounding the choir’s initial prohibition is a stain on our national character, but Trump’s invitation shows that we can rise above such acts and lead the way towards a more unified and inclusive America.


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