Argentinian Man Held Down And Vaccinated In Viral Video

In 2018 Argentina passed a law that would make vaccines free, and mandatory. At that time COVID 19 did not exist. Or at least, we didn’t know that it existed. 

The country declared that vaccines were in the public interest and needed to eradicate illnesses. They see vaccines as a social good and necessity. 

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Recently, a video from Argentina surfaced that appears to be medical personnel forcibly holding a man down and giving him a shot. 

He struggles and resists, but they carry on with the procedure against his will. They hold down his legs and kneel on him as he is injected. 

David Harris Jr. posted a clip and called it “diabolical.” A better word could not have been used. Forcing a chemical into another persons body against their will is undoubtedly evil. 

More odd than anything, the event took place on what appears to be a roof top of a small shed. 

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