Antifa taking over Oregon

Political problems perpetually plague the port-side of the country, as yet another night of riots were declared last night at 10 P.M. local time. This unrest comes after the 1-year “anniversary” of George Floyd’s death, and less than 24 hours after an apparent drive-by shooting that took place near the intersection of East 38th Street and Chicago Avenue in Minneapolis, where a no-go zone has been erected without opposition by the city’s leaders-in-name.

Footage taken at the scene captured fire set in dumpsters, as well as bottles being thrown at riot police. According to authorities, the fires were set in an attempt to burn down the Multnomah County Justice Center.

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In addition to attempted arson and assault, reports of metal spikes being left in the street to hamper fire fighters have also surfaced.

While it may be more appropriate to report instances or spans of time not occupied by riots – that certainly would be news – this fresh wave of violence comes in the wake of warmer weather as the beginning of summer is just 25 days away. Agreeable temperatures and longer days reliably providing the ideal climate for longer, more sustained riots like the more than 100 days of urban warfare observed in the City of Roses seen last year.

But if the weather is the kindling, the unemployment rate will, no doubt, be the tinder.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Multnomah County, Oregon, had an estimated 13.4% unemployment rate in June of 2020. And with labor shortages across the country currently being what they are, it is unlikely that number has meaningfully improved in a county where policies such as UBI and federal stimulus are well-received. If you have no job, and, therefore, nowhere to be in the morning, why not go out at night and burn your town to the ground around you?

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Whether city residents want to hear it or not, conditions are ideal for yet another “summer of love” as it was referred to by local “leaders” last year. Ironically, ensuring yet more inter-generational strife, poverty, and animus – as the politically unaware might believe such groups as BLM had aimed to stop. Will yet another spree of destruction shock the people of Portland and its neighbors awake, or will the ruin be touted as an example of oppression as an absence of outside volunteers to clean up will certainly be observed?


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