U.S. Corporations Act Against Russia But Ignore Human Rights Violations In China

Why is it that so many Western, and specifically American companies are willing to cut ties with Russia – but won’t even speak out about China’s Uyghur Muslim genocide? 

Companies have to show how good their virtue is while sticking up for Ukrainians who are currently being invaded by Russia but have nothing to say about the oppression that China inflicts upon its own people. 

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Apple, for example, is currently active in China but has products and some services that would no longer be sold in Russia. Apple expressed its desire to stand in solidarity with “all of the people who are suffering” in Ukraine. So what about the human rights abuses in China? 

Well, Apple manufactures much of its product line in China, Apple also relies on sales in the Chinese market. 

The Daily Caller reported It has also been alleged that Apple is complicit in the ongoing repression of Uyghurs; an investigation by The Information in May 2021 found that seven Apple suppliers were accused of using forced labor from China’s Xinjiang province.

Apple has taken the blue pill for China. As long as the money continues flowing, no amount of virtue will be worth the trade-off. In the first quarter of 2022, Apple reported $25 billion in revenue from the Greater China region.

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Nike is yet another American super company. Nike manufactures much of Its product in China and has in the past been allegedly linked to forced labor. Nike has announced that stores in Russia will be closed. 

These corporations simply have to show how caring they are while everyone is watching, and then go back to benefiting from slave labor abroad. 

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