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Two Trump Lawyers Resign After Indictment News 

Trump’s Legal Team Experiences Shake-Up Amid Indictment Proceedings


Former President Donald Trump has parted ways with two of his top attorneys representing him in Special Counsel Jack Smith’s investigation.

This comes just a day after he was indicted on charges involving obstruction of justice, conspiracy, and illegal retention of classified government material. Trump is the current front-runner in the 2024 Republican presidential primary. He has been ordered to appear in federal court in Miami on Tuesday.

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Jim Trusty and John Rowley, the lawyers representing Trump ahead of his indictment, resigned on Friday. They said in a statement, ‘This morning we tendered our resignations as counsel to President Trump, and we will no longer represent him on either the indicted case or the January 6 investigation.’

They added that they believe Trump will be vindicated in his battle against the Biden Administration’s partisan weaponization of the American justice system.

Trusty and Rowley said, ‘Now that the case has been filed in Miami, this is a logical moment for us to step aside and let others carry the cases through to completion.’

They also mentioned that they do not plan to hold media appearances addressing their withdrawals or any other confidential communications they’ve had with the President or his legal team.

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In response, Trump took to his TRUTH Social on Friday and announced that he will bring on a new attorney, Todd Blanche. Blanche is a former partner at Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft, and is also

Trump’s defense attorney in the case brought against the former president by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

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Trump thanked Jim Trusty and John Rowley for their work, but he stated that they were up against a very dishonest, corrupt, evil, and ‘sick’ group of people, the likes of which has not been seen before.

Trump added: ‘We will be announcing additional lawyers in the coming days. When will Joe Biden be Indicted for his many crimes against our Nation? MAGA!’

The legal team shake-up comes after Trump announced on Thursday night that he had been indicted in Smith’s probe.

Smith was appointed by Attorney General Merrick Garland in November 2022 to investigate Trump’s alleged improper retention of classified records at his Mar-a-Lago home in Palm Beach, Florida.

The Justice Department had been investigating the matter after the FBI conducted an unprecedented raid on his private residence in August 2022.

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) told Congress in February 2022 that Trump took 15 boxes of presidential records to his personal residence in Florida. NARA recovered the 15 boxes from Mar-a-Lago and ‘identified items marked as classified national security information within the boxes.’

The matter was referred to the Justice Department by NARA. Those boxes allegedly contained ‘classified national security information’ and official correspondence between Trump and foreign heads of state.

The FBI’s investigation had ‘established that documents bearing classification markings, which appear to contain National Defense Information, were among the materials contained’ in the 15 boxes Trump initially turned over to the NARA, according to the affidavit.

The FBI said it had ‘probable cause to believe’ that additional records containing classified information, including National Defense Information, would be found on the premises of Mar-a-Lago home, beyond what he had previously turned over to NARA, according to the unsealed and heavily-redacted affidavit used to justify the raid.

The government conducted the search in response to what it believed to be a violation of federal laws: 18 USC 793 — gathering, transmitting or losing defense information; 18 USC 2071 — concealment, removal or mutilation; and 18 USC 1519 — destruction, alteration or falsification of records in federal investigations.

The allegation of ‘gathering, transmitting or losing defense information’ falls under the Espionage Act. Trump has been indicted on at least seven counts involving obstruction of justice, conspiracy, and illegal retention of classified government material.

He has been ordered to appear in federal court in Miami on Tuesday.

The legal case against Trump is gaining more and more traction. It remains to be seen how the case will proceed in the coming days and what ramifications it will have on Trump’s political future. This has undoubtedly been a testing time for Trump and his supporters.

While the legal case against Trump remains ongoing, his supporters have continued to remain loyal and unwavering in their support. The political climate in the United States remains tense, with the political divisions running deep throughout the country.

As we approach the 2024 presidential elections, it will be interesting to see how the indictment plays out and what impact it will have on the political landscape of the country. It is clear that this is a critical moment for the Republican party and the future of conservatism in America.

Regardless of what happens next, it is important to remember that the rule of law must be upheld. No one is above the law, not even a former president. It will ultimately be up to the courts to decide the fate of Donald Trump and ensure that justice is served.

This is a developing story and we will continue to follow events as they unfold. We urge our readers to stay tuned for more information as it becomes available. It is more important than ever to stay informed and engaged in the political process. Only then can we ensure that our country remains strong and united.


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