The Oscars Are Glamorous, But Homeless People Aren’t

FOX 11 Los Angeles reported that the tent cities found near the venue of the 93rd Academy Awards, Union Station, were removed to host the Oscars.

One homeless man named DJ said, “They came to us about a week ago saying that we had to move by Friday 6 p.m. because they were trying to clean up for the Oscars. They told us if we didn’t move, they were gonna just demolish our stuff and if you have warrants we’re gonna take you to jail.”

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“They were coming and harassing us three or four times a day… They forced us to go to the Grand Hotel on 3rd and Figueroa and they kicked everybody out of Union Station so it looks better for the image,” he continued.

Andy Baley of the Union Rescue Mission, a homeless advocacy group, said, “We shouldn’t be about putting on a good show, we should be about doing good for our brothers and sisters, our neighbors who are suffering on our streets”

He also said these actions weren’t surprising, saying that Los Angeles policies is what let to to crime, homelessness, and drug infested colony, Skid Row.

City Councilman, Kevin De Leon, released a statement.

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“While the 93rd Academy Awards are being held at Union Station this year, and despite irresponsible rumors, NO unhoused residents are being forced to relocate. Since being sworn in, my office has been painstakingly working to house those experiencing homelessness throughout my district and we were able to offer housing options to unhoused residents in the vicinity of Union Station.” DJ offers a piece of advice to the City of Los Angeles, ‘If you’re gonna have your awards show, don’t have it where the homeless people are and you don’t have to worry about it,'” he wrote.


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