VIDEO: Riots Break out at LA SPA, Gun Pulled

Sherri Burks, right, and Dominic Fawcett dance at the intersection of Florence and Normandie Avenues, Tuesday, April 20, 2021, in Los Angeles, after a guilty verdict was announced at the trial of former Minneapolis police Officer Derek Chauvin for the 2020 death of George Floyd. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

Los Angeles, like nearly every other major urban hub in the country, is one so steeped in random acts of violence and other crime that it’s normal for those living there. People continue to take spa days and try to tune out the sirens and screams outside. But even in the spa, you’re likely to spark trouble.

In the ongoing, existential struggle to justify how a man who says he’s a woman magically becomes a woman, The Wi Spa in LA’s Koreatown district has become the new national focus. A man, who self-identified as being a woman, was taken into the women’s section of the establishment and disrobed – free to “hang out” in front of young girls and some consenting female patrons. One of the women, flummoxed as to why the Wi Spa would bother to have male and female sections – since they clearly don’t matter – voiced her concern and demanded a refund. The other customers as well as the store owners argued, which eventually lead to a protest outside of the spa, where Antifa was quick to respond.

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“Counter-protesters” rapidly outnumbered those actually protesting the spa’s choice to provide their customers only with the illusion of choice in sex-specific areas. Punches were thrown, kicks connected, and the “tolerance and inclusion” crowd showed once again that convincing others is too much work than just smacking them around.

Despite the violence committed in the name of love, many directed their ire toward the woman who dared to oppose the mob mentality.

Others, less taken in by the modern standard, are less than pleased with Wi Spa’s latest policies.

Five people were injured in the attacks, two of which were struck with a deadly weapon. No suspect descriptions have been obtained from witnesses or victims and no arrests have been made thus far.

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