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Left Wing Media Refers to Casey DeSantis as ‘Walmart Melania’

Conservative Women Defend Casey DeSantis Amidst Media Attacks


The first lady of Florida, Casey DeSantis, has recently come under fire from left-wing pundits, causing an uproar among conservative women who believe she is viewed as a threat as the 2024 presidential election approaches.

Over the weekend, The Daily Beast published an op-ed that compared her to “Walmart Melania” after she was spotted in Iowa sporting a jacket with the message “Where Woke Goes to Die” on the back.

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The piece drew criticism for its hypocrisy as it pertains to empowering women based on ideology, particularly from conservative women in flyover country who shop at Walmart. Fox News correspondent, Molly Line, commented, “I think she’s a target because people are concerned she’s going to be very effective.”

Referred to as a professional in her own right, Casey DeSantis had a successful career and is a breast cancer survivor. She is a trusted confidant to her husband and a valued adviser to one of the most beloved governors in the country.

Many view the piece published by The Daily Beast as baseless and offensive, geared only to attack a woman who has overcome immense hurdles and achieved great things in her life.

OutKick host Charly Arnolt spoke up about the left’s obsession with women’s empowerment when it suits their narrative, and their disregard for successful conservative women like Casey DeSantis.

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The media attacks come on the heels of comments made by Politico senior staff writer Michael Kruse. In an article published by Politico, Kruse labeled Casey DeSantis as both her husband’s “greatest asset and his greatest liability” leading up to his 2024 announcement.

Kruse highlighted remarks made both publicly and anonymously by members of the DeSantis inner circle, some of whom expressed their fear of retribution given their power, not only from the governor but from his wife as well.

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Tomi Lahren echoed the point of view of many conservatives, stating that the left sees Casey as a threat and is willing to take any shot at a female conservative, regardless of identity politics or achievements.

While the uproar over the attacks on Casey DeSantis has come from the conservative demographic, the issue itself is not singularly political.The outrage is over the hypocrisy of the media and the disregard for successful conservative women.

During a time when the empowerment of women, including the right to free speech, is of great importance, it is crucial to remember that bigotry comes in many forms, and that holds true for both Democrats and Republicans.

It is also important to note the long journey and many obstacles that Casey DeSantis has overcome and look to her as a role model for all women, not just those who lean conservative.

The criticisms levied against Casey DeSantis are unfounded and unjustified. The Daily Beast’s depiction of her as “Walmart Melania” is a cheap shot that only serves to underscore the magazine’s bias and lack of credibility.

Many conservatives view the attacks as political posturing as the 2024 election approaches, and consider Casey to be an asset to her husband, both in his career as governor and his potential run for higher office.

The issue of women’s empowerment is important to all Americans, regardless of political affiliation. Recently, we have witnessed an increase in the media spotlight on this topic, but true gender equality will not be achieved unless every woman is afforded the same opportunities, regardless of political views.

The glaring hypocrisy of the media, coupled with the attacks on conservative women, like Casey DeSantis, serves only to undermine the progress made towards true equality.

The criticisms made of Casey DeSantis are transparently political and motivated by the threat she poses to left-wing candidates.

The recent article describing her as a liability to her husband is unfounded and ignores both her achievements and her personal story. Casey DeSantis has overcome adversity and has succeeded both professionally and personally thanks to her resilience and determination.

The left’s disregard for conservative women has never been more evident than in the media attacks on Casey DeSantis. While her political affiliations may differ from those of the left, her achievements and character are beyond reproach.

The most significant threat that she poses to the left is her effective support of her husband’s political career, which is precisely why she was targeted by The Daily Beast.

Conservative women are more than just a demographic; they represent a fundamental segment of the American population. As with all groups, they face challenges and obstacles as they strive for equality and success.

The media attacks on Casey DeSantis highlight the deep-rooted bias and hypocrisy that exist in media circles. As we continue to fight for true empowerment and equality for women, we must be mindful of the challenges and obstacles that conservative women like Casey DeSantis face daily.

The hypocrisy of the left is on full display in the recent attacks on Casey DeSantis. The same media outlets that claim to be the champions of gender equality and women’s empowerment are willing to attack any woman who does not fit into their narrow political lens.

The attacks are not restricted to Casey DeSantis but are indicative of a larger issue, whereby conservative women are often marginalized and ignored by left-wing media outlets.

As we move closer to the 2024 presidential race, we can expect to see more attacks on conservative candidates, and their spouses, like Casey DeSantis.

It is up to the media and the American people to remain vigilant to ensure that this vilification remains transparent and that the solutions proposed by both parties are based on genuine discussions and objective reporting.

The attack on Casey DeSantis is not only juvenile but is indicative of the media’s inability to tolerate those with whom they disagree politically. As the left continues to push a narrative of empowerment and inclusivity, attacks like these on conservative women serve only to undermine the progress made towards equality.


It is vital for all Americans, regardless of political views, to support and celebrate the achievements of women like Casey DeSantis, who have overcome great obstacles to succeed both personally and professionally.

The left’s obsession with attacking conservative women shows no sign of slowing down, as proven by the recent media attacks on Casey DeSantis. These attacks are not about politics or ideology, but rather about maintaining power and preventing opposing voices from being heard.

As we move towards a more diverse and inclusive political landscape, it is vital that the media address this issue of bias and hypocrisy, and that all Americans work together to support and empower women of all political affiliations.

The recent attacks on Casey DeSantis highlight the double standards that exist in the media and the challenges that conservative women face in today’s society.

Despite her many achievements and successes, she has become a target of left-wing pundits who see her as a threat to their political ambitions. The attacks on her are a reflection of the wider challenges and obstacles that conservative women face as they navigate their professional and personal lives.

The recent media attacks on Casey DeSantis are not only baseless but go to show the extent to which the left is willing to undermine the achievements of conservative women.

As a role model to many, Casey DeSantis has demonstrated immense strength, perseverance and dedication, particularly when faced with adversity.

The left’s obsession with attacking women who do not fit into their narrow political lens is not only shortsighted but also counterproductive to the progress made towards true gender equality.

It is not uncommon for political figures to face harsh criticism and scrutiny, particularly in today’s media landscape. However, the recent attacks on conservative women like Casey DeSantis are unjustifiable and serve only to undermine the progress made towards true equality.

As we move forward, it is vital that all Americans recognize and address these biases and continue to advocate for the rights and empowerment of all women, regardless of political affiliation or beliefs.


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