San Diego College Professor Links Fascism To Whiteness And Christianity

A San Diego community college was caught teaching a lesson that implied fascism comes from whiteness, heterosexuality and Christianity. 

The Daily Caller reported, A San Diego Mesa College faculty member taught high schoolers that fascists are aligned with whiteness, Christianity and heterosexuality, according to pictures of a whiteboard posted online on Sept. 1. The Washington Examiner reportedly spoke with a high school student from the class who claimed

The instructor told students that the current Republican Party is aligned with fascism. Language like this serves only to dilute the meaning of fascism; no major political party in America is currently made up of fascists. 

Fascists are authoritarians that thrive on narrative control and suppression. Donald Trump did not take any lawful steps to suppress or arrest his critics. 

“As it is currently constituted, the Republican party is now a fascist organization that no longer fits the category of a conventional Democratic party,” the instructor said. 


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The teacher gave a list of words synonymous or connected to the word “fascism” among them were “authoritarian”, “heterosexual”, “in group”, “white”, and “Christian”. The instructor also said that hatred towards immigrants and foreigners is related to fascism. 

The interesting part is, that Donald Trump does not hate foreigners. His wife Melania Trump is an immigrant herself. 

Trump fought illegal immigration, which is a completely separate topic. Trump himself granted citizenship to several immigrants and participated in their ceremonies. 

The only comment given by the school was from the communications director who said, “looking into the matter further.” 

Terms like “fascist” and “Nazi” have repeatedly been used to describe Donald Trump and his supporters, prescribing these ideologies to the former President lessens the meaning of the ideologies. 

There are real fascists and real Nazis in America, but Donald Trump is by no means one of them. 


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