Schumer doesn’t rule out the 14th amendment post trial

Senator Chuck Schumer has decided has decided to leave the 14th amendment on the table of former President Donald Trump is not convicted. This would bar Trump from holding office. 

When asked if he would invoke the 14th during a press conference, he did not say that he was opposed. He simply said currently he is focused on convicting Trump. 

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Fox News reported that Schumer said “We’re first going to finish the impeachment trial and then Democrats will get together and discuss where we go next,” 

This effectively illustrates the democrats willingness to do anything in their power to keep Trump down. Two impeachment’s, constant media slander, online censorship and now a potential bar from office. It goes without saying, they are afraid of him. Or more obviously, afraid of his ability to expose them. 

A senate conviction is possible but still seems unlikely due to the fact that democrats would need to flip 17 republicans. 

11 republicans did vote that this impeachment was constitutional after all. The will power of senate republicans seems broken as many kneel to the leftist mob. 

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