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Report Alleges Ukrainian Energy Company Bribed President Biden

GOP-led Panel Plans to Issue Subpoenas for Financial Documents from Biden Family and Associates


A recent report has surfaced claiming that a Ukrainian energy company called Burisma bribed President Joe Biden with $5 million through an executive, who had documentation of the bribe. The FBI informant, a trusted and credible source, alleges that the bribe was given to solicit Mr. Biden’s help in preventing an investigation by a Ukrainian prosecutor.

The House Oversight and Accountability Committee was given access to the FBI memo, which outlines the allegations, on June 8.

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The informant also alleges that Hunter Biden, Mr. Biden’s son, received an additional $5 million from Burisma and was a board member at the company, receiving a $1 million salary annually. The scheme was supposedly concealed using multiple bank accounts.

Allegations such as this have caused concern amongst the GOP-led panel, who plan to issue subpoenas to request additional financial documents from the Biden family and their associates.

The bribery scheme took place between 2015 and 2016, during which time Burisma was hoping to purchase a US oil and gas company.

The informant states that Burisma was looking to make the problems caused by the prosecutor go away. Due to the complexity of the scheme, the informant believes that it will take at least a decade to expose the Biden family payments.

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The FBI first heard about these allegations in 2017, and the informant was re-interviewed about the matter in 2020. Delaware U.S. attorney David Weiss has received the bribery allegations, which were forwarded in 2020.

The allegations are currently being investigated as part of the Hunter Biden tax fraud and gun purchase case.

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Amongst these allegations are claims that the Justice Department is intentionally slowing down the investigation and providing preferential treatment to Hunter Biden.

The President denied the allegations in a recent press conference, claiming that they are simply ‘malarkey.’

The Oversight panel, which has been investigating the Biden family’s foreign business deals for months, has found that Biden family members and their associates have received millions in foreign payments from countries such as China and Romania.

Republicans believe that there is a pay-for-play scheme involving Mr. Biden, dating back over a decade, and that a web of businesses and bank accounts were created to hide it. Democrats say that the investigation is politically motivated and empty.

The bribery charges have been dismissed by the FBI as groundless, with Democrats claiming that they were fabricated by Rudy Giuliani, a former ally of former President Donald Trump. Mr. Shokin, who was the prosecutor in question, was fired due to his failure to prosecute corruption cases and was not removed due to Mr. Biden’s involvement.

However, Mr. Biden did boast about his involvement in having Mr. Shokin removed during a Jan. 23, 2018 appearance at the Council on Foreign Relations.

These allegations have caused concern for many people. The thought of a President being bribed raises numerous questions about the ethics of the situation.

When considering the allegations made against Hunter Biden, there are further questions that need to be answered. Should we be concerned about the actions of the Biden family?

It is hard to imagine a situation in which a President taking bribes would be considered acceptable. Even if the allegations are proved to be untrue, the concern surrounding the situation is understandable. We need to ensure that our leaders are not compromised and that they are acting in the best interests of the American people.

The idea of a pay-for-play scheme involving the President is hugely concerning. A President should not be receiving payments from foreign countries, particularly when there is a potential for those payments to influence public policy. This is something that requires further investigation and scrutiny.

The allegations made against Hunter Biden are equally concerning. If the allegations are true, then there is a clear conflict of interest. It raises questions about Hunter Biden’s ethics and whether he was using his position to benefit himself financially.

There is frustration on both sides of the political spectrum over the investigation into the Biden family’s business dealings. Republicans feel that Democrats are obstructing the investigation, while Democrats believe that it is politically motivated and that there is no substance to the allegations. The truth is likely somewhere in between.

Regardless of one’s political beliefs, it is vital that we hold our elected officials to the highest standards of ethics and accountability. The situation involving the allegations made against the Biden family raises numerous questions that require answers.

We cannot simply dismiss these allegations as politically motivated or baseless. There is a need for transparency and clarity, particularly when it comes to the actions of those who hold high office. At the same time, we need to ensure that everyone is being held to the same standards. If there is corruption, it needs to be exposed and dealt with accordingly.

It is crucial that the investigation into the allegations involving the Biden family is conducted thoroughly and fairly. If there is any truth to the allegations, then the American people deserve to know. This is a matter that goes beyond politics and requires bipartisan cooperation.

In conclusion, the allegations made against President Biden and Hunter Biden are concerning and require further investigation. We need to ensure that our leaders are not compromised and that they are working in the best interests of the American people.

It is vital that the investigation into these allegations is conducted transparently and thoroughly. Ultimately, the truth needs to be discovered, and those responsible need to be held accountable.


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