Cuomo Allegations Pile Up: A Sixth Accuser Comes Forward

As time goes on allegations of sexual misconduct against Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York pile up. 

Tuesday, the Governor had his sixth accusation lofted at him. The accusations vary from uninvited touching and kissing, to inappropriate comments and suggestions. 

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The Albany Times Union wrote: 

 “ALBANY — A sixth woman has come forward and leveled allegations of sexual harassment or inappropriate conduct against Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, and  a supervisor in the Executive Chamber recently became aware the woman had alleged that the governor inappropriately touched her late last year during an encounter at the governor’s mansion, where she had been summoned to do work.”

Cuomo has did not immediately respond to the accusations but his office has denied nearly all other accusations against him. 

Nearly all of Cuomo’s alleged victims are former employees of his office. The women claim that he would harass them on work related trips or events, or at gatherings he was invited to (such as weddings) outside of work. 

One accuser, Lindsey Boylan, claims that during a work related flight Cuomo kissed her on the lips without being invited and suggested that they play “strip poker”.

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Cuomo uses his power and massive influence to seek a defense. HE attempts to coerce female lawmakers to sign statements defending him and his character.

As these accusations pile up, in combination with his nursing home scandal, Cuomo’s fate looks grim. 

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