Monopoly is Racist?

The left wants to declare everything racist. From our founding fathers, to the phrase “Quantum Supremacy”. Wokeness has taken over America 

The Atlantic recently reported in an article that your favorite board game “Monopoly” holds a “dark secret”.  

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The article claims that the board is segregated. White properties being more expensive, while properties that reflect black communities in real life are valued lower. 

In short, if you’ve played monopoly you might just be part of the problem. You’re contributing to systemic racism at large. How dare you play a game that has been completely modernized, and not know the possible history of how that game was developed. 

It’s likely, that you don’t even know the names of monopolies developers, Elizabeth Magie and Charles Darrow, let alone the process in which it was made or what was going through the heads of those developers when they were creating it. 


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