Daunte Wright was shot on Sunday at a traffic stop for attempting to resist arrest, his death happened a short distance away from where George Floyd died in Minnesota. Due to the hundreds of BLM rioters, the National Guard was deployed.

Wright was stopped because of an outstanding arrest warrant for the possession of a firearm in public without a permit. He was seen flashing a Ruger .45 pistol.

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Independent journalist, Andy Ngo, tweeted about the false claims that Wright was pulled over for air fresheners, saying that it is “unsubstantiated.”

Ngo also showcased Wright’s social media posts which include drugs and flashing gang signs.

The rioters marched down to the Brooklyn Center precinct where they closed off streets and clashed with police officers.

Rioters launched fireworks and other explosives towards police and vandalized the area.

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The police responded with throwing smoke bombs and tear gas to try and disperse the horde.

Tweets containing videos of the looting may be seen below, there may be language some see offensive.

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The Post Millennial reported, “Rioters were seen carrying signs that said ‘Justice for George Floyd’ and ‘Black Lives Matter’ while chanting ‘F*** the police.’ The site is approximately 10 minutes away from where Floyd died last May. The area has had the National Guard on site since the beginning of the trial of Derek Chauvin last month.”


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