SCOTUS Takes One Step Closer To Overturning Roe v Wade

It doesn’t look like 6-week state abortion bans are going anywhere. The Supreme Court has shut down yet another attempt to block enforcement of the  Texas Heartbeat Bill. 

The Daily Caller reported, The 6-3 ruling split along political lines, with the three liberal justices writing dissents against the decision. The Texas law bans abortions from being carried out beyond six weeks of pregnancy. SCOTUS first allowed the law to take effect in September, though it also allowed abortion advocates to pursue various means of challenging the law further.

Rather than face the mother on whom an abortion is performed with strict criminal consequences, the Texas law takes an alternate route. Mothers are completely exempt from civil and criminal cases. 

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Instead, the bill allows lawsuits to be brought against the doctor who performs an abortion knowing that the unborn human has developed a heartbeat. 

The heartbeat is developed between 4-6 weeks of development and Dan be detected using vaginal ultrasound. 

The Supreme Court’s attitude towards abortion thus far has left many questions about the future of the Roe V. Wade decision. This 7-2 Supreme Court decision in 1973 asserted that the fourteenth amendment grants women the right of “privacy” thus allowing abortions to be constitutionally protected. 

This decision is one that’s been largely unchallenged and only stands on one leg. The fourteenth amendment deals with privacy in the sense of the due process. The system ensures an accused person receives a fair trial. 

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This hardly relates to the subject of abortion and is seemingly one weak blow from caving in on itself. 


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