LISTEN: Andrew Cuomo Returns to SLAM the Left on “Defund the Police”

Former NY Governor Cuomo Denounces Left-Wing Ideologies in NY Daily News Op-Ed


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Former Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, recently expressed his disapproval of left-wing ideologies, such as ‘defund the police’ and ‘tax the rich,’ in an op-ed for the New York Daily News. Cuomo emphasized the growing concern over crime rates in major urban areas like Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, where acts of violence, along with homelessness and a general sense of chaos, are on the rise. He claims that political forces addressing such issues appear slow and out of touch, which only perpetuates the problem.

Cuomo’s thoughts on this matter were part of a broader op-ed, which highlighted the need for policymakers to address rising urban decay in the country’s major cities. He contends that political extremism has led to a ‘paralysis’ among lawmakers, who have been unable to tackle the root social issues that contribute to an urban crisis.

Since resigning as governor, amidst much criticism of his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and allegations of sexual misconduct (which he denies), Cuomo has generally remained quiet. In his op-ed, he asserts that the pandemic significantly altered the way cities function, with surveys revealing that an increasing number of people now prefer suburban living to city life.


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The former governor also drew attention to the rise of remote work opportunities, which no longer require people to commute to city centers for employment. This has given individuals greater flexibility in choosing where they wish to reside.

Cuomo acknowledged the trend of people moving from traditionally liberal states like California and New York to more conservative states such as Florida, Texas, Arizona, Tennessee, and the Carolinas. While he concedes that a warmer climate may be a factor in this migration, Cuomo also points to the impact of government policies on these decisions.

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In seeking a solution, Cuomo suggests Congress should repeal the SALT tax cap, which was implemented under former President Donald Trump’s administration. This cap limits the deductibility of state and local taxes for federal filers and has been particularly challenging for high-tax areas. Cuomo claims this cap is an example of ‘prejudicial tax policy.’

Cuomo notes that Democratic officials had previously vowed to abolish the SALT cap once Trump left office. However, this promise has yet to be fulfilled. According to Cuomo, repealing the cap would have the potential to lessen the tax burden by nearly 40%, dramatically altering the economic landscape in the blink of an eye.


A former governor representative referred to a speech Cuomo gave during a Palm Sunday service, where he labeled the ‘defund the police’ movement an extreme form of political ideology.

Cuomo asserted in that speech that the primary responsibility of the government is to ensure public safety. Describing the call to ‘defund the police’ as potentially the ‘three dumbest words ever spoken in politics,’ he questioned the logic of those who advocate for such positions.

The former New York governor’s criticisms of left-leaning ideologies resonate with conservative audiences who share similar perceptions of the dangers posed by excessive government intervention and radical policy ideas.

Cuomo seems to echo concerns shared by many conservatives, who argue that cities are becoming increasingly dysfunctional and dangerous due to the impact of far-left policies. His critique of the ‘defund the police’ and ‘tax the rich’ movements highlights a growing divide between more moderate and radical factions within the Democratic Party.

As a high-profile political figure, Cuomo’s op-ed serves as a call to action for other policymakers to take a step back from political extremism and work towards finding practical solutions to prevent the deterioration of American cities.


By pointing out the potential consequences of implementing far-left policies, Cuomo underscores the need for a more balanced approach, something that is more likely to resonate with conservative individuals and families, who value safety and economic stability.

Cuomo’s proposed solution to tackle issues such as the migration of people from blue states to red and swing states, and the subsequent impact on urban areas, demonstrates a pragmatic viewpoint. His appeal to Congress to repeal the SALT tax cap highlights his desire to find workable solutions that can bring about tangible improvements.

Ultimately, Cuomo’s op-ed serves as a voice of reason among growing political polarization, particularly within the Democratic Party itself. By expressing his concerns in a manner that appeals to conservative audiences, he aims to bridge the gap between differing political ideologies and work towards a more united approach to problem-solving in America’s cities.


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