Ex Gay Milo Yiannopoulos TO Open Conversion Therapy Facility

The New York Times is reporting, that after Milo Yiannopoulos is planning to open a conversion therapy facility in Florida. This is of course following Milo’s decision to come out as “ex-gay”.

The Post wrote: 

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“former Breitbart News editor revealed his plans to launch the “reparative therapy” clinic “to help other people go through the same journey that I’m on myself,” despite the lack of data showing effectiveness of the exercise.

Asked in what sense he is “ex-gay,” 


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Yiannopoulos told The Post that he is in an ongoing process of trying to reorient his homosexuality, but for now is in a stage of abstinence and enjoys using the term to troll his critics.”

Milo believes that this is something the people want. He claims that this project has been the easiest thing to raise money for, that he’s ever done. 

Not only is there little evidence to support that conversion therapy works, in 2014 a “memorandum of understanding” was published claiming the practice is “unethical and potentially harmful”.

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Based on the fact that Milo is able to gain so much support in his venture, one with no scientific backing, it’s a wonder if this says more about Milo, or America. 

Milo told the post: “Conversion therapy has a terrible reputation for precisely the reason that a lot of other things associated closely with either the religious right or the nationalist right have a terrible reputation, because they’ve been lied about consistently and strategically for decades.”

“We don’t know very much for sure, we have a relatively clear idea about a lot of it, but here’s the thing: since the eighties and nineties, we haven’t really been able to do any research that doesn’t conform to the propaganda because you cannot get funding for anything other than finding the gay gene,” he said. “So we’re operating in a gray area.”

Milo hopes that he can make some breakthrough, religion seems to be a clear motivation in his upcoming work. 

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