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Hunter Biden’s Memoir Shows Insight into President Biden’s Integrity

Hunter Biden’s Business Practices Highlight Shortcomings of Political Dynasties


Hunter Biden’s book, Beautiful Things, has been published in 2021, and while it provides a detailed account of his childhood, love for his late brother Beau, his businesses, and even his drug addiction, the message that is clear throughout is his independence.

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The younger Mr. Biden asserts his autonomy and clarifies that he rose and fell alone and that he worked for someone other than his father. While he confesses that his high-profile last name created opportunities for him, he insists that his accomplishments were solely his own. However, since January, the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability, led by Republican chairman James Comer, has been investigating the younger Biden’s business activities.

Despite multiple reports that have unveiled large sums of foreign money, nothing has been discovered that explicitly indicates President Biden’s connection to any of the monetarily beneficial transactions.

Specifically, the committee has discovered that Hunter Biden and his uncle’s wives, children, and Beau’s widow each received millions from different foreign sources. However, while what services they offered in return is unknown, there is no concrete proof that validates any wrongdoing or illegal activity on the President’s behalf.

Instead, the Justice Department investigation into Hunter Biden’s business practices could become a significant issue for President Biden. Hunter Biden’s lawyers recently met with members of the Justice Department to discuss the potential charges against him. There are four potential charges, two misdemeanours, and two felonies, including one related to Hunter Biden’s taxes and the fraudulent purchase of a firearm.

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The potential charges carry prison time, but morally are far less damning than what the president’s son has already admitted to in his memoir. However, regardless of the morals at play, the justice department investigation could cause problems for President Biden.

The ongoing issue with Hunter Biden has highlighted the extent his infamous name opened doors for him, as multiple foreign business ventures paid him large sums of money. Although the payments were linked to his status as the son of the Vice President, Hunter Biden and his uncle have offered no concrete evidence to suggest any directly informed favour for Joe Biden.

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Hunter Biden’s Burisma job has also raised more questions than answers, with the younger Biden admitting the job carried few work requirements and was initially taken for its substantial compensation. While President Biden has remained fiercely loyal to his son, proclaiming his innocence, a potential criminal charge could become uncomfortable for him. Joe Biden stated inappropriately that his son had done nothing wrong when interviewed by MSNBC in early May, despite the ongoing Justice Department investigation.

While Republicans may use Hunter Biden’s potential financial issues to sway opinion, we must remember that both parties seem immune to the ethical issues surrounding those in office and their families benefiting from their positions.

While Hunter Biden’s memoir is an intense and detailed account of his life, republicans have seized the chance to present it instead as an opportunity to reveal the President’s short-comings.

With ongoing investigations and allegations, President Biden is not the first president to have legal proceedings brought against their family members. It is a practice that politicians on both sides of the aisle have faced often. Therefore, while it may create a level of discomfort for the president, the issue will hopefully show people the lack of morality and judgment present in the political sphere.

The question remains if Hunter Biden faces charges, whether they will remain divorced from President Biden, or whether the President himself will become entangled in his son’s legal woes.

It remains paramount to establish the facts surrounding the President’s son’s financial activities fully. However, we should also address the inherent issues present in a political system that offers immunity to some straightforward conflicts of interest.

Hunter Biden’s memoir presented a unique opportunity to gain insight into the complexities of addiction, family, and privilege; however, the political climate’s opportunistic nature has turned the conversation into a targeted attack on the President.

While the investigation’s potential results remain uncertain, the discussion around the President’s son’s business practices should serve to remind us of the perils present in political dynasties. Furthermore, it should highlight calls for ethical reforms by elected officials.

In conclusion, the investigation into Hunter Biden’s business practices has highlighted the shortcomings of a political system that permits both sides of the aisle to bend the rules for personal profit. While the results of the investigation remain a mystery, and Joe Biden seems to have nothing to gain from his son’s financial activities, the issue has been presented as a way to compromise the current president’s integrity, despite the administration’s proclamation of pursuing transparency and ethical conduct.


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