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Hunter Biden Under Scrutiny: Facing Legal Trouble Over Taxes, Child Support, and Paternity

Hunter Biden in the Spotlight Again: Child Support Case and Tax Investigation Heat Up


Recent reports indicate that Hunter Biden, son of the President of United States, Joe Biden, is currently under investigation by the US attorney’s office in Delaware regarding his taxes. Additionally, he is facing a lawsuit in Arkansas where he will be questioned about reducing his child support and foregoing his daughter’s last name.

According to sources, Lunden Roberts, with whom Biden has a daughter, is demanding that the child has Biden’s last name, given the family’s political prominence and success in business. Biden, on the other hand, fears that this demand may lead to further political tension. This case is one of the many legal challenges that Hunter Biden currently faces, as he has been a subject of probe for congressional Republicans who are investigating his actions and their influence on President Joe Biden.

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Biden seeks to reduce the child support he is presently paying since his financial income has changed, resulting in a pending trial. However, Roberts’ lawyers have opposed the move, citing Hunter Biden’s business deals with Ukraine and China. They have also noted that he is paying multiple lawyers for congressional inquiries and the paternity case. Clinton Lancaster wrote that voluntarily reducing income or hiding assets is not sufficient grounds for a reduction in child support.

Originally, Biden resisted Roberts’ attempt to establish paternity and child support, but he was compelled to do so in January 2020. A final order was issued in March 2020, making the child support retroactive to November 2018. According to his May hearing lawyer, Abbe Lowell, Biden presently pays a total of $750,000 in child support per month.


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In December 2020, Roberts further filed a motion to change the last name of her daughter, whose initials are NJR, to Biden. Roberts feels that her daughter deserves to carry the Biden name, given Hunter Biden’s success in business and the political power wielded by her grandparents, President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden. However, Biden has opposed the change, claiming that Roberts is pursuing political warfare against him and his family.

Biden and Roberts are scheduled to provide their depositions before the upcoming trial in July, which should provide Roberts’ lawyers with an excellent opportunity to question Biden about his income and his art sales.

Roberts’ lawyers have accused Hunter Biden of refusing to cooperate before the trial and engaging in a game of ‘discovery goose chase’. This is a big case for Roberts, as she intends to obtain her required child support and for the child to have the Biden name. However, it is equally significant for Hunter Biden due to the effect this may have on his already troubled political career.

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Roberts feels that the notoriety that comes with being a child of the Biden family is something that her daughter deserves, given their prominence and political stature.

The paternity case has stirred the Republican-led investigation and has caused quite a stir in political circles. The news of Hunter Biden’s tax investigation has only further added to the suspicion around him. As is usually the case with the Biden clan, it is being seen as a politically motivated strategy.

It remains unclear what will happen next and how the case will proceed. There is speculation that the political fallout of the trial could have a significant impact on the political future of the Bidens, particularly Hunter Biden.

Garrett Ziegler, one of Roberts’ experts, has focused the recent spotlight on Hunter Biden. His nonprofit organization, Marco Polo, has parked a truck with the message ‘’ outside the Congress, White House and other prominent locations. Ziegler’s repeated discussions on Hunter Biden’s finances brought the attention of Republican congressional investigations onto the laptop and its 644-page report. However, Kevin Morris, one of Biden’s lawyers, sued him and Marco Polo in California Superior Court, claiming harassment and invasion of privacy.

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The legitimacy of some of the information purported to be from the laptop has been questioned by the White House and congressional Democrats. They have termed the inquiries as hyper-partisan. Ian Sams, a White House spokesperson, has rubbished GOP inquiries as “politically-motivated stunts”.

The deposition that will take place this month will be very telling, as it pertains to Hunter Biden’s income from his business ventures overseas, and more specifically, the sale of his art pieces, which have been listed for as high as $500,000.

Given Hunter Biden’s already troubled political standing, this deposition may prove to be a deciding factor in his future career prospects.

The case is a highly divisive one and has split the public perception about Hunter Biden’s ethics and his family’s political power. The outcome will affect all concerned parties significantly.


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