Harvard Professor Called TRANSPHOBIC For Saying “Pregnant Women”

Carole Hooven, a biology professor at Harvard, has been labeled as transphobic after refusing to use the term “pregnant people” in her classroom. 

Laura Simone Lewis, the biology department’s director of “diversity and inclusion”, described herself as being “appalled” and “dismayed” by the professor’s refusal. 

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The director describes herself on Twitter as “blewish feminist mermaid.”

Most real feminists like Harry Potter author JK Rowling emphasize the importance of preserving biological sex in order to protect women. 

Hooven has worked at Harvard University for 20 years. She refuses to confuse biology by teaching students that men can become pregnant. 

However, she claims that other Harvard professors are being encouraged to use gender neutral terms when describing persons that bear children (females).

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Biology is a hard science. When it’s being taught in the classroom, especially at a prestigious school, there is no room to pretend that men can become pregnant. 

“Man” or “male” references sex and not gender identity. No matter how badly a person wants to be a woman, they won’t grow a birth canal or uterus. 

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“The ideology seems to be that biology really isn’t as important as how somebody feels about themselves, or feels their sex to be,” Hooven said. 

Biological men will never be able to carry a human fetus, therefore there is no reason to falsely teach that they can. 


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