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Durham Report Shows Clinton Colluded with Russian Government, Not Trump

Devastating Durham Report Uncovers FBI’s Reprehensible Behavior


Recent revelations from the Durham report have caused some to question the shady dealings of Hillary Clinton in her interactions with Russian entities. Victor Davis Hanson, a historian and fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, explained on a recent episode of “Life, Liberty & Levin” that the Durham findings have shown that “far from being a Trump-Russian connection, there was a Hillary-Clinton-Russian connection.”

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Hanson went on to analyze the report and found that Clinton was actually using a Moscow-based “source” by the name of Charles Dolan Jr., who was a PR executive connected to the Democratic Party. Dolan served as former President Bill Clinton’s Virginia state campaign chairman. He allegedly used his contacts in Russia to collect intelligence on then-candidate Donald Trump.

Igor Danchenko, who was a Russian national working at the Brookings Institution at the time, and Strobe Talbott, Bill Clinton’s deputy secretary of State who was leading the thinktank, were also involved in these dealings. Talbott gained access to briefings and inquiries regarding the Steele dossier which contained false allegations about Trump.

Hanson explained that, “Dolan was trying to pass on rumors to Danchenko, who was corroborating with Steele,” to fabricate information contained in the dossier. Fiona Hill, who was famous for her role in President Trump’s impeachment, introduced Talbot to Christopher Steele.

This is a classic example of corrupt power at the highest levels of government.

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Hanson noted that the notorious “pee tape” rumor, which alleged that prostitutes urinated on a hotel bed where the Obamas had previously slept at the behest of Trump, was all made up. “The FBI knew it was made up, and yet they continued to pay Danchenko in hopes that he might find some credibility because they were using this material to get a FISA warrant to spy on [then-Trump campaign aide] Carter Page, and yet they knew that it was false.”

The FBI’s reprehensible behavior in this matter is disgusting and a grave disservice to American democracy.

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The FBI even offered Steele a $1 million reward, Hanson noted, if he could prove even one point of the allegations in the discredited dossier. He could not, but the FBI went along with it anyway

Hanson went on to suggest that the reason the FBI didn’t investigate Clinton as they did Trump is because they were certain Clinton was a shoe-in for the presidency. They were terrified that if anyone were to question her dubious dealings with Russian agents when she obtained the highest office in the land, it would be a bad look that could lead to their own demise.

These revelations are damning to the FBI, Hillary Clinton, her campaign, and even the media, who have refused to refute any of it.

In conclusion, it is clear that Hillary Clinton colluded with Russian government through intermediaries, and the FBI knew about it but chose to go along with it anyway. In the face of all this absurdity, it is disheartening to realize how much corruption and dishonesty runs rampant throughout our public officials.

As a conservative, it’s disappointing to see how the Democratic Party and their operatives in the media contort themselves to manipulate information and deceive the public. That’s why it is so important that we continue to hold them accountable and promote more transparency in government.

These findings reinforce our need to be vigilant in protecting free and fair elections and fighting against individuals who try to cheat the system and abuse their power.

As we move forward, it’s our duty as citizens to remain informed, engaged and active in our democracy to ensure that we don’t fall victim to such corruption again.

The Durham report has exposed the dark underbelly of the American political machinery, and it is up to each of us to take responsibility, stay informed, and do our part in restoring honesty and integrity to our government. Let us never forget who the real criminals are and hold them accountable for their actions.


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