Democrats Funneled $53 Million Into Trump-Backed Candidates

Democrats often claim that “MAGA republicans” are a “threat to democracy” of this is the case, then why have democrats funneled millions of dollars into supporting their campaigns?

An analysis from the Washington Post shows that a total of $53 million has been shelled out by Democrats to Trump-backed Republican candidates ahead of primary elections. 

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Just in Illinois $35 million was doled out to help state Senator Darren Bailey win his primary. He beat out Richard Irvin, mayor of Aurora. If Irvin had one he would have been Illinois’ first black governor. 

What is likely happening is that Democrats see these Trump-backed candidates as the easiest to possibly defeat. Because of this, they funnel money into their campaigns to ensure that the east candidates will be the ones facing off against in the actual election. 

Democrats also promoted ads for these republicans and smeared moderates in an attempt to ensure that their easy target wins the primary. 

But what happens if the Democrats aren’t Capable of defeating the Trump-backed candidate? Now they’ve caused the election of someone who is viewed as a threat. 

The New York Post reported, that President Joe Biden himself huffed last week about the need to put politics aside for the sake of democracy. Yet when asked about this skeevy game, Vice President Kamala Harris dodged, saying she won’t “tell people how to run their campaigns.”

But why wouldn’t Kamala Harris have an issue telling people not to donate to Trump-endorsed Republicans?

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It seems that this particular sect of people is constantly labeled purveyors of misinformation, causing mass miseducation. Funneling millions of dollars into their campaigns only furthers their ability to do this, if it were actually true. 

If Democrats have such quarrels with these particular candidates and others who share their ideological positions, why risk allowing them to win an election? Winning their primary is the first step, and after that point, there’s only one more election standing in their way. 


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