Cuomo Leaves Tax Hike On The Table

Despite New York States government receiving 12 billion dollars from the federal government Cuomo leaves a tax hike on the table. The Governor needs to take money from the people in order to mitigate the damage that were inflicted by his own hand.

“Tax increases are on the table … because you have damage to repair,” Cuomo told reporters.

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There is damage to repair. Damage that could have been largely avoided if it where not for the abuse of emergency powers. 

“I say to beleaguered New Yorkers, help is on the way. A robust basket of $100 billion is headed New York’s way and will help just about every New Yorker,” Chuck Schumer said in a news conference. 

Much of this money is heading to k-12 schools even though they will not be able to spend all of the money. It’s estimated that it will take a decade for the institutions to spend covid relief money. 

According to the New York Post: 

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“The sweeping American Rescue Plan, which passed Saturday without a single Republican vote, will provide help for New Yorkers still awaiting a coronavirus vaccine, struggling theaters, restaurants, the subway system and people who fear eviction and worry about feeding their children, Schumer said.”

The best thing New Yorkers can do is when the time comes, vote Cuomo out. Avoiding future catastrophe. 

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