“An Idea” and “Peaceful Protestors” HONOR Breonna Taylor With RIOTING

The radical left, comprised of ANTIFA and BLM, honored the death of Breonna Taylor by rioting along the West Coast of the United States, leaving a trail of destruction in major cities.

In Los Angeles, California, police were in riot gear and clashed with the demonstrators, one was injured. There were many reports of vandalism and objects being thrown at police officers.

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A video captured the rioters attempting to jump and latch onto a police cruiser as it was exiting the area.

The Seattle Police Department tweeted on Sunday, they made 13 arrests.

They also fought with the rioters who smashed store windows and moved construction signs to different roads as a means to block and control traffic.

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The Post Millenial’s Katie Daviscourt was on the ground. An estimated 75 rioters gathered in Occidental Park before marching downtown to begin their rampage.

Again radicals attacked the infamous Mark Hatfield Federal Courthouse in Portland, Oregon.

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They spray-painted over the plywood barriers that were put up a few days earlier to protect the courthouse’s windows.

According to Fox 12, rioters and federal law enforcement officers from the Department of Homeland Security fought when several ANTIFA members were caught tearing down the plywood and setting it on fire.


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