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Chinese Zoo Denies it’s Sun Bears are Humans In Costumes

Viral Video Debunked: Hangzhou Zoo Asserts Authenticity of Sun Bear


A zoo situated in eastern China has firmly denied any claims suggesting that certain bears within their facility could actually be humans disguised in costumes. The zookeepers at Hangzhou zoo issued a statement on Sunday, presenting the perspective of Angela, a Malaysian sun bear, to clarify the matter.

They explained that while bears are often associated with their immense size and formidable strength, it is important to remember that not all bears are colossal and inherently dangerous. As Malayan bears, we are known for our petite stature, being the smallest bears in the world.

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Recently, a video went viral on social media featuring a sun bear standing upright on its hind legs. Some viewers pointed out its slender legs and folds of fur, speculating that it might actually be a human portraying the role of a bear.

To put these rumors to rest, the zoo released an audio recording on WeChat, in which a spokesperson asserted the authenticity of the animal. They explicitly mentioned that deceptive practices of this nature would never take place in a state-run facility.

Additionally, highlighting the challenging conditions, the spokesperson added that a person wearing a fur bear suit would inevitably succumb to the scorching summer temperatures of 40°C (104°F) within minutes.

To further clarify the situation, a representative of the zoo informed the media that arrangements were being made for reporters to visit the bear enclosures on Monday. This would provide an opportunity for firsthand observation and verification.

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Unlike grizzlies and other bear species that can reach heights of up to 2.8 meters, sun bears are comparable in size to large dogs, standing at a maximum of 1.3 meters tall on their hind legs, as reported by the zoo.

Hangzhou zoo has been proactive in addressing the concerns raised by the public regarding the potential use of humans in bear costumes. While it is natural to associate bears with their characteristic stature and strength, the zookeepers emphasize that diversity exists among bear species, and not all bears possess the same physical attributes.

Malaysian sun bears, for instance, possess a smaller physique which sets them apart from their counterparts. By clarifying these misconceptions, the zoo aims to ensure that visitors appreciate the unique features and qualities of each bear species under their care.

The video featuring the sun bear became widely shared on social media platforms, attracting considerable attention from various online communities. Observers were intrigued by the way the bear stood on its hind legs, prompting speculations about the possibility of a human in disguise.

The zoo’s response to these claims has been swift and comprehensive, assuring the public that the animal in question is indeed a genuine sun bear. Such diligence in addressing public concerns reflects the zoo’s commitment to transparency and its dedication to the welfare of the animals.

With the intention of educating the public and dispelling false assumptions, the zookeepers felt it necessary to provide an explicit clarification. By assuming the perspective of Angela, a Malaysian sun bear, they emphasized that while bears are commonly associated with their massive size and immense strength, not all bears conform to this stereotype.

Malayan bears, in particular, are known for their smaller stature, making them the smallest bears globally. Reducing these creatures to humans in costumes undermines their existence and perpetuates misinformation.

Emphasizing their commitment to providing accurate information, the zoo announced their willingness to arrange visits for reporters. This gesture aims to offer media professionals an opportunity to witness the sun bears firsthand and alleviate any doubts that have arisen.

By inviting journalists to closely observe the bears, the zoo’s management seeks to foster trust and ensure the dissemination of accurate information regarding the authenticity of the animals. The initiative undertaken by the zoo demonstrates their dedication to accountability and their desire to uphold their reputation as a trustworthy institution.

The recent appearance of a video featuring a sun bear standing on its hind legs has sparked widespread interest and debate. The unique posture adopted by the bear, coupled with its slender legs and fur, led some to speculate that it might be a human pretending to be a bear.

However, the Hangzhou zoo swiftly addressed these concerns, assuring the public that this accusation is baseless. The zoo’s spokesperson went further to emphasize that such acts of deception would never occur within their state-run facility. They also shed light on the impracticality of a person enduring the extreme summer heat in a fur bear suit.

The officials at Hangzhou zoo recognize the importance of dispelling any doubts or suspicions raised by the public. Although bears are often regarded for their size and strength, it is essential to acknowledge the immense diversity found among different bear species.

Sun bears, specifically, possess a smaller build, standing at a maximum height of 1.3 meters on their hind legs, in stark contrast to grizzlies and other species that can reach heights of up to 2.8 meters. The zoo’s commitment to transparency ensures that all visitors comprehend the various bear species and their distinguishing characteristics.

The sun bear video that gained significant traction across social media platforms stimulated discussions and theories regarding possible human involvement.

The Hangzhou zoo promptly responded to these speculations by presenting a strong case for the authenticity of the bear in question. Its spokesperson unequivocally affirmed the realness of the animal, denouncing any suggestion of human deception.

Moreover, the zoo highlighted the impracticality of sustaining a human inside a fur bear suit under scorching temperatures, further debunking the claims surrounding this peculiar video.

In light of the video that captured the sun bear’s unique stance, public interest surged, leading to debates and inquiries. The zoo authorities recognized the importance of addressing these concerns promptly and firmly denied any allegations of humans disguised as bears within their premises.

By vocalizing their commitment to maintaining a trustworthy environment, the zookeepers reinforced the notion that deceptive practices have no place in their facility. While acknowledging diverse bear species, they specifically highlighted the size and physical attributes of Malayan sun bears, enabling a better understanding and appreciation of these distinctive creatures.

The remarkable video of a sun bear standing on its hind legs seized the attention of social media users worldwide. Discussing the bear’s slender legs and furry appearance, individuals speculated whether it could possibly be a person feigning being a bear. Nonetheless, Hangzhou zoo acted swiftly to address these concerns and provide a factual account.

The zoo’s official, in an audio recording circulated on WeChat, confirmed the authenticity of the sun bear, rejecting any notion of deception. In addition, he stressed the insurmountable challenges of enduring the searing 40°C (104°F) summer weather in a fur bear suit, effectively discrediting the allegations.

To ensure complete transparency and alleviate any lingering confusion or skepticism, the zoo management promptly organized visits for journalists. This proactive measure offers media professionals an opportunity to witness the sun bears firsthand and ascertain their authenticity. By opening their doors to reporters, the zoo aims to maintain credibility in the eyes of the public.


This move demonstrates their uncompromising dedication to delivering factual information and dispelling all doubts surrounding the true nature of the sun bear standing on its hind legs.

Hangzhou zoo prioritizes addressing the public’s concerns and preserving its credibility amid the controversy that ensued from the video featuring a sun bear. While bears are often associated with their tremendous size and strength, it is important to recognize the diversity within this species.

The zookeepers underscored the fact that not all bears are giants, drawing attention to the Malayan sun bears, which are known for their petite size. By striving to educate the public and presenting an accurate depiction of bears, Hangzhou zoo refutes any notion of humans hiding behind bear costumes.

The captivating video of a sun bear standing on its hind legs spread rapidly through various social media networks, sparking curiosity and speculation. Observers observed the bear’s slender limbs and abundant fur, leading to questioning whether it was actually a person posing as a bear.

The officials at Hangzhou zoo acted swiftly to address these doubts and reassured the public of the video’s authenticity. In a recorded message shared on WeChat, the zoo spokesperson dismissed the possibility of such deceitfulness occurring at their state-run facility.

He also highlighted the extreme heat of 40°C (104°F) during summer, stating that a human dressed as a bear would not be able to endure the conditions for a significant duration of time.

In response to the controversy surrounding the video featuring a sun bear standing on its hind legs, Hangzhou zoo has taken steps to dispel any doubts. Recognizing the significance of maintaining transparency and credibility, the zookeepers released a statement that strongly denied the involvement of humans in bear costumes.

They stressed the unique characteristics of Malayan sun bears, whose compact size distinguishes them from other bear species. By promoting understanding and appreciation for these lesser-known creatures, the zoo aims to educate the public and foster a greater connection between visitors and the animal kingdom.

The recent circulation of a video featuring a sun bear standing upright on its hind legs prompted widespread speculation among social media users. Observers noted the bear’s slender legs and folds of fur, leading to conjecture about a possible human impersonating the animal.

However, Hangzhou zoo was quick to counter these claims, ensuring the public that the bear was indeed real. A spokesperson for the zoo further explained that the authenticity of the bear was unquestionable, refuting any suggestion of deceit. Additionally, they highlighted the impracticability of a human surviving in a fur bear suit under extreme summer temperatures, debunking the theories propagated online.

Receiving widespread attention across social media, a video featuring a sun bear standing on its hind legs stirred controversy as viewers wondered if the animal was actually a human in disguise.

The Hangzhou zoo promptly responded to these claims, vehemently denying any truth to the allegations. Via an audio recording shared on WeChat, zoo officials reaffirmed that the sun bear in question was real and dismissed the possibility of deceptive practices taking place within their state-run facility.

They went on to emphasize that the sweltering summer temperatures of 40°C (104°F) would render it impossible for a person wearing a fur bear suit to endure for even a few minutes.


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