Zelensky Signs Law that Allows Government to Regulate Media

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The Ukrainian President signed into law a statute expanding the government’ power to regulate media groups and journalists in the country.

The Media unions and press freedom organization objected to Zelensky and warned of a chilling effect on free speech.

Under the new law, the National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council, whose members are appointed by the president’s administration and by members of parliament, will have broader authority over Ukrainian media organizations and journalists.

“Such powers are clearly excessive No one has yet managed to tame freedom of speech in Ukraine. It won’t work this time either.” ,- the organization wrote.

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Zelensky’s administration has been accused of suppressing free speech back in 2019 with another law to boost media regulation.

“Ukraine will demonstrate its European commitment by promoting a free and independent media, not by establishing state control of information,” – Gutiérrez , general secretary of the European Federation of Journalists

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