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WATCH: USA Junior Hockey Team Praised for Grand Display of Pride During National Anthem Performance

Stars and Stripes Shine Bright in Swedish Hockey Arena


The young athletes from the American junior ice hockey team recently rose to internet fame by enthusiastically rendering their national anthem after sealing their win at a major international championship. The junior squad had the honor and privilege to represent the United States at the 2024 IIHF World Junior Championship held in Gothenburg, Sweden. Following a tense showdown with the Swedish team last Friday, the American athletes emerged triumphant, capturing the revered gold medal for their country.

In the moments that followed their triumph, these young men spontaneously gathered to celebrate their victory through a stirring rendition of the ‘Star-Spangled Banner’. Their emotional tribute to their homeland was captured and broadcast by Canadian network TSN Sports, receiving commendation from viewers across the globe. The team’s striking display of patriotism was not only an expression of their own feelings but also reflective of the shared values within their team.

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Monday saw many of these young athletes coming forward to share their thoughts on the significance of their heart-warming national anthem gesture. Among them was the University of Michigan’s Rutger McGroarty, who said, ‘This act…simply portrays our deep love for our country and…the bond we were able to cultivate over a brief period.’ He further stated, ‘We have nurtured a unique team culture…and…we seized the gold medal. So…we’re excited to the moon and back.’

The international acclaim the players received for their pronounced patriotism led to Sage Steele, a former sports presenter from ESPN, questioning her former employer’s decision to omit the team’s special moment from their coverage. She pointed out, ‘It is interesting that Canada’s leading sports channel chose to share this touching moment from America’s junior ice hockey team subsequent to their golden win…But America’s most significant sports network decided to completely bypass it on all social media.’

Yet, she did not stop there. Using this instance, she indirectly commented on the difference between these boys and professional athletes who express negativity towards the country even as they enjoy the benefits it brings her, ‘In contrast to numerous high-profile millionaire athletes who vocalize their issues with our country, but readily accept its rewards, it’s so inspiring to see such clear pride emanating from these boys.’

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Riley Gaines also provided her insight on the virtual platform, drawing parallels between the hockey squad’s action and soccer icon Megan Rapinoe’s well-known stance of kneeling during the national anthem. Gaines simply urged, ‘Do pay attention.’ Amidst these discussions and debates around patriotic demonstrations by athletes, the jubilation of the young hockey team players remained undiminished by their international victory.

When asked about their aspirations in maintaining their momentum in hockey as professional athletes, the players appeared hopeful. ‘Our aim is to continue in this direction. Of course, the future is unpredictable, yet we are all thrilled at the prospect of having such an opportunity and…keep honing our skills,’ said Ryan Chesley, a sophomore from the University of Minnesota.

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Last year, the United States women’s national soccer team came under fire for their silent stance while the national anthem played. The incident, which took place before their initial 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup match against Vietnam, had critics questioning why none of the players chose to sing along to ‘The Star Spangled Banner’.

In stark contrast, the opposing team displayed their patriotism clearly as Vietnam’s national anthem, ‘Ti?n Quân Ca,’ also known as ‘Song of a Marching Army’ played. Each athlete from the visiting southeast Asian squad joined in singing their anthem, and every member dutifully placed their right hand over their heart. This scene became prominently noticeable due to the silence on the part of their American counterparts.

The committed performance of the Vietnam team alongside the reserved stance of the American women prompted discussion and critique amongst spectators. Those moments magnified the differences in displays of national allegiance between the two teams.

In summary, the passionate rendition of the national anthem by the victorious American junior hockey team provoked a whirlwind of online reactions and sparked wider conversations about displays of patriotism in sports. Although such gestures may be met with varying public perceptions, these young athletes allowed us to witness their raw emotion and profound commitment to their country.

Their unprompted chorus of ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ provided a moment of unity and pride that resonated with viewers. This tribute occurred amidst an ongoing debate about how athletes should demonstrate their patriotism, underscoring the contrasting views within the sports world and beyond.

Athletic achievements and displays of patriotism, particularly in the global stage, often give rise to a mixed bag of public sentiment. Still, perhaps all can agree that these young men, their gold medal win, and their passionate anthem recital painted a vivid tableau of dedication, resilience, and pride for their home nation which they represented.


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