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Yankees Would Move Aaron Judge to Center Field if Padres Deal for Juan Soto Goes Through

Yankees’ Vision of Power Lineup: Judge in Center Field, Verdugo and Soto on Corners

Aaron Judge, a renowned athlete, might once again grace the center field if the Yankees manage to secure Juan Soto. The team incorporated Alex Verdugo, an adept corner outfielder, into their roster on a recent Tuesday. In the follow-up to this move, their pursuit does not seem to cease as they are actively engaged in discussions with the Padres regarding Juan Soto, another competent player in the same position.

If the negotiations with the Padres are successful and Soto does indeed join the team, the Yankees openly display readiness to reposition Judge from his usual right field to the center stage. The rationale behind this move is to create space for Verdugo and Soto, allowing for their deployment in the corner outfield positions.

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Judge’s skills have been employed in the center field in the past, counting a total of 78 matches in the year 2022 alone, a season that saw him crowned the Most Valuable Player. Despite this successful track record, there has been some reluctance from the team’s management to assign him this spot on a continual basis.

The concerns center around the physical rigors of the position, which may affect his towering build, standing at an impressive 6-foot-7 and weighing 282 pounds.

When it comes to defense, Judge is regarded as a superior option for the center field as compared to Verdugo. Despite the physical concerns, the Yankees express readiness to place Judge in center field if they succeed in bringing Soto into the team. This move is seen as a strategic means to strengthen their lineup.

As for the newly added player, Alex Verdugo, there’s a high regard for him within the Yankees establishment. Manager Boone regards Verdugo as an exceptional ‘premium corner defender’, a vital role given the expansiveness of Yankee Stadium’s left field.

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This isn’t the first occasion when the Yankees demonstrated interest in Verdugo. Prior to successfully trading him from the Red Sox on a Tuesday night, the Yankees had tried to secure this emerging talent on several previous instances. Undoubtedly, his recent addition is considered a significant win for the team.

In sum, the Yankees continue to evolve their strategy and lineup with potential changes in both player positions and additions. A prospective yet significant change is Aaron Judge’s shift from right to center field, a position he has demonstrated skill and expertise in past seasons.

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Simultaneously, if Juan Soto is brought on board, he could serve as a formidable corner outfielder, an addition the team is actively seeking. Alex Verdugo’s recent inclusion is also positioned with strategic intent, with the team seeing him as a premium corner outfielder especially considering the spatial dynamics of their home ground, the Yankee Stadium.

Each of these players brings their unique strengths to the table. Aaron Judge’s tall stature and defensive mastery, Alex Verdugo’s potential as a strong corner defender and the anticipated all-round capabilities that Juan Soto would bring, if successfully acquired from the Padres.

This dynamic and flexible approach adopted by the Yankees showcases their intentional strategy, their willingness to consider alternativeness and not shy away from changing a winning formula if it means augmenting the teams strength and performance on the field.

Going forward, it would be interesting to observe how these potential changes eventually pan out, what these could mean for the team dynamics, the player cohesion and of course, their performances in the upcoming matches.

While the anticipations run high with these proposed changes, there is an equal balance of risk considering Judge’s physical demands in the center field and any unanticipated challenges that the new players may face blending into the roster.

Above all, these transitions, repositioning and additions ostensibly imprint an impression of a team in strong pursuit of constant growth and improvement, stopping at nothing to enhance their lineup and by extension, their chance for success in upcoming seasons.


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