Woman Kicked Off Of Plane for Wearing Pro-Trump Mask

Social media personality and game hunter, Sara Gamache, also known as “PNW Huntress,” was kicked off of an Alaska Airlines flight for allegedly wearing a “Trump 2020 mask.”

In the description of a video she uploaded to Instagram, Gamache wrote, “I am appalled that I got bullied by flight attendants at Alaska Airlines because of my Trump 2020 mask. They asked me to change it because it went against their “policies” because of a profanity. I have worn this same mask on several Alaska Flights with no issue so I was genuinely confused and asked to see the policy. However, they said they couldn’t find the policy and that plane needed to take off.”

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She continued, “To avoid any conflict or delaying the flight any further, I immediately complied and changed the Trump mask to a solid black one (which you see in the video). However, they came back to my seat 5 minutes later saying I was getting kicked off anyways because the mask I was originally wearing made people feel uncomfortable.”

A flight attendant allegedly harrassed Gamache as she was leaving the plane. She claims they asked, “How does it feel to be humiliated?”

Gamache responded by asking what the attendant meant as she didn’t feel embarrassed. They responded, “The fact that the back of the plane is clapping that you’re getting kicked off.”

Gamache also mentioned her husband is “active duty military” and didn’t get involved, but was removed from the plane too.

“The good news is I document everything and have photos of me wearing this EXACT same mask on other Alaska Airlines flights and there was no issue, proving that on this flight I was kicked off strictly because of the beliefs of the flight attendants,” she added.

At the end of the description of her post, Gamache asked for people to “repost my story so we can create awareness of the discrimination by Alaska airlines.”

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The video starts with a female flight attendant asking Gamache to get off the plane to Gamache’s confusion.

The attendant then said Gamache was asked to remove a mesh mask, the profane mask supporting former President Donald Trump until Gamache finally wore the plain black mask seen in the video.

After bickering, the flight attendant told Gamache the pilots “don’t feel comfortable with you on the aircraft” because she was “causing drama.”

As Gamache got up the flight attendant got on her cell phone and told “Denver” that “the passenger is refusing to come off and she is filming me.”

Gamache responds as the video ends with, “Yes I will film you because this is ridiculous.”


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