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Woman Arrested for Threatening School Board After Policy To Tell Parents Kid Want’s to Be Trans Passes

Arrests Made After Multiple Threats of Violence Occurred


Arrest Made Following Threats Against School Board President Over Transgender Policy Approval

In a troubling incident, a suspect has been arrested for allegedly issuing threats against a school board president in California.

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The threats were directed at Chino Valley Unified School Board President Sonja Shaw, following the board’s approval of a policy that requires administrators to inform parents if their child wishes to change their gender identity.

According to reports from the Daily Bulletin, Rebecca Morgan was arrested on suspicion of threatening multiple members of the school board, which has raised concerns about safety and security in the educational setting.

The policy in question, which was approved by the Chino Valley Unified School Board in July, mandates that school employees notify parents within three days if their child expresses a desire to change their gender identity or prefers to be referred to by a different name.

President Sonja Shaw played a significant role in introducing this policy, alongside Republican state Representative Bill Essayli, who had introduced similar legislation in the state House of Representatives. However, the approval of this policy was met with resistance and threats directed at Shaw and Vice President Jonathan Monroe.

The threats, which were conveyed through phone calls and emails, targeted Shaw, her pets, and even her children, causing significant distress and raising security concerns for both board members.

In response, the Chino Valley Unified School District and the Chino Police Department have taken proactive measures to enhance security protections for President Shaw.

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This incident comes amid a backdrop of increasing tension at school board meetings nationwide when discussions revolve around LGBTQ+ and diversity curricula. In June, a California school board meeting erupted in fights as the inclusion of gender identity and sexual orientation curriculum sparked heated debates.

Similarly, in July, two individuals were arrested for trespassing at a Virginia school board meeting centered around various policies, including one concerning bathroom use based on biological sex.

Rebecca Morgan, the suspect arrested in connection with the threats, has not provided any comment on the matter. As for the Chino Valley Unified School District and the Chino Police Department, they have yet to respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

This disconcerting incident highlights the importance of fostering open dialogue and understanding while addressing critical issues like gender identity and inclusivity in educational settings.

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Threats and acts of violence have no place in civil discourse, and it is essential to promote a safe and respectful environment for all members of the school community.

We hope that swift justice is served in this case and that educational institutions continue to uphold their commitment to creating inclusive spaces that value and protect the rights of all students and staff.


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