Wisconsin Judge REJECTS Attempt to Count Absentee Ballots with Incomplete Addresses

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WI Election Commission says that an address must include three elements: street number, street name, municipality

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A WI Judge REJECTED a Democrat attempt to allow absentee ballots containing an incomplete address to be counted, saying that would disrupt the status quo and cause confusion with voting underway less than two weeks before Election Day.

The League of Women Voters of Wisconsin sued, seeking a ruling that an address can only be missing when the entire field is left blank.

“would upend the status quo and not preserve it” and also “frustrate the electoral process by causing confusion.” – Dane County Circuit Judge Nia Trammell

“This court does not want to add to the confusion that may arise from a temporary injunction that would all but certainly be appealed on an expedited basis,” – Dane County Circuit Judge Nia Trammell

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This ruling wont effect many ballots, but it is a good way to combat fraud


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