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Whoopi Goldberg Claims Trump Will ‘Disappear’ Gay People and Journalists

Goldberg on The View: The Future of the Nation Depends on Your Vote

Whoopi Goldberg
This image released by ABC shows co-host Whoopi Goldberg on the set of the daytime talk series "The View." Goldberg’s colleagues on the ”The View'' had virtually nothing to say Wednesday about her two-week suspension for her comments earlier this week on Jews and the Holocaust. At the top of the ABC talk show, co-host Joy Behar noted Goldberg’s absence and said simply with a tiny head tilt, “OK,” before moving on to other topics (Jenny Anderson/ABC via AP)

In a recent airing of ABC’s talk show ‘The View,’ renowned host Whoopi Goldberg engaged her colleagues in a conversation, expressing her concerns about the potential abuse of power by a former American president, whom she refrained from naming outright. She cautioned, ‘Beware the media. This is a voting majority with numerous concerns that they seek to address. They have every right to bring their concerns before any candidate.’ Her point was that citizens ought to be vigilant and not be swayed by media narratives.

Goldberg highlighted the importance of individual thought and decision-making when it came to political processes. She insisted, ‘Until the time comes to cast your vote, be skeptical of what the media presents as the status quo. Only you can truly comprehend the nuances of your motivations. You understand what agitates you, and it’s your right to voice it at the polling station during voting.’

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The television personality emphasized the desire for more thorough discourse during political campaigns, going on to say that there were a plethora of important topics voters wished to hear candidates touch upon. These topics cut across partisan lines, as citizens universally yearned for attention to issues that are dear to them.

‘It is ours to lose,’ was Goldberg’s emphatic assertion. ‘Remember: this nation is at stake. You must decide whether you want a progressive future or stagnation. You want every citizen to wield the freedom to express their desires and aspirations – to push forward.’

Goldberg then introduced a hypothetical scenario that played upon the fears of certain citizens, describing potential threats to freedom if a certain type of leadership were allowed to gain power. Her illustration veered towards describing a leader akin to a tyrant, who might choose to suppress differing voices.

She further expounded, ‘Imagine someone declaring, right from day one, their intentions to rule with an iron fist. A leader who audaciously declares a plan to ‘relocate’ those who seem inconvenient to them. What if this leader just happens to target journalists and the LGBTQ+ community?’

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Goldberg painted a gloomy picture of a nation whose leaders could ‘disappear’ elements of society that bothered them the most. She upped the intensity of her rhetoric, charging the audience to really examine the possible implications of their votes.

According to Goldberg, if such a terrifying vision of a country is appealing, voters would know precisely whom to support in the upcoming elections. For those who take issue with this dire prospect, she urged them to make a decisive choice.

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The conversation seemed to allude to some of the controversies stirred up during the previous administration; a veiled warning to the audience not to repeat past voting patterns, framed within the boundaries of a chilling hypothetical scenario. Goldberg’s call to action was anchored in caution, evoking a sense of urgency for the audience to seize control of their futures.

Whoopi Goldberg managed to stage a dialogue that served as a potent reminder of the power residing in the hands of the electorate. The decision between who governs could imply a choice between progressive enhancement and imposing restrictions.

Goldberg’s perspective puts the attention on people’s right to select representatives who echo their concerns. She indicates a preference for the type of politics where mutual respect and dialogue trump authoritative commands.

In her characteristic forthright style, the host also externalized the moral high ground of making a decision based on the kind of nation one would prefer to live in. It was an enactment of her invitation to introspection, urging audiences to vote with both conscience and foresight.

The host’s appeal was for the electorate not to feel swayed by media narratives, but to recognize their own individual convictions and ideals. Goldberg’s rhetoric championed the democratic processes that empower the individual, even in the face of potentially polarizing politics.

Goldberg underscored the fundamental nature of freedom in a democratic society. Her speech urged listeners to reflect upon the potential consequences of their voting choices, and to strive for a society where diversity and freedom of expression are respected and protected.

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