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White House Enacts Hatch Act to Avoid Hunter Biden Questioning on Cocaine Scandal

Betting Odds Point Towards Hunter Biden in White House Cocaine Mystery


The choice by the Biden administration to defer questions related to the unexpected cocaine discovery in the White House to the Hatch Act has left many confused. Yet the source of the controversial White House incident in July still remains unknown.

A question that’s been the center of widespread debate this week is whether the cocaine discovered on Independence Day belonged to President Biden or his son, Hunter Biden, and the current administration provides no clear answers.

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References to the Hatch Act have been used by the Biden administration as a way to sidestep questions connected to President Trump’s allegations. The claim suggests that the illegal drugs, humorously referred to as the ‘Colombian bam-bam’, might be belonging to President Biden or his son, Hunter.

The Hatch Act, a legislative measure, serves to prevent federal workers from using federal assets for campaign activities or expressing political views.


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When confronted with the allegation, Bates refrained from directly addressing the subject. Instead, he expressed that there seems to be escalating discontent emanating from the opposing political faction.

In his perspective, this common thread of dissatisfaction might be tied to the divergence in their enacted policies when viewed against those of the Biden administration.

In an interesting twist, Bates has even gone as far as distinguishing the policy impacts of President Biden’s tenure from those of his predecessor.

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His statements suggest that the current administration’s actions bear closer scrutiny when seen under the lens of viable policy implementation rather than countered in light of baseless allegations.

However, the cited reason of the Hatch Act left legal experts scratching their heads. For instance, Attorney Bradley P. Moss offered his perspective to Fox News Digital, stating that he was ‘frankly perplexed as to why Mr. Bates would view the Hatch Act to be pertinent in this context’.

Richard Painter, former ethics chief under the Bush administration and a Democratic Congressional candidate in a recent cycle, confirmed this view.

Speaking to Fox News Digital, he mentioned his past involvement in giving White House presentations and writing articles on the Hatch Act. He emphatically stated that ‘usage of cocaine isn’t covered by the Hatch Act’ in no uncertain terms.

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Painter further clarified that even if an individual within Biden’s campaign was discovered under drug influence, the use of the illegal substance wouldn’t be governed by the Hatch Act. His comments highlight the controversial nature of the administration’s defense and the surrounding conversation’s substantive content.

The White House’s constant referral to the Hatch Act to dodge this burning query is being critically evaluated online, with social media platforms abuzz with users vocally criticizing the move.

In response to these criticisms, when Fox News Digital asked Bates for his stand, he referred them back to his press corps answer. His defense was that Trump’s commentary ought to be treated as a comment from someone who has already announced candidacy.

Meanwhile, Las Vegas’ infamous bookmakers, likely remembering Hunter Biden’s 2018 speed trip in a Porsche, have begun speculating on the controversy. They suggest that the younger Biden might be responsible for the unclaimed substance found within the White House premises.

Prop bets offered by international betting website,, list Hunter Biden as the highest probable culprit with odds standing at +170.

Other suspects on their list seem to pull in jestful suppositions, with people like Kansas City Chiefs’ Travis Kelce, ‘One of the Jonas Brothers’, and Angelina Jolie featured.

At the odds list’s far end, we have President Biden and first lady Jill Biden with odds standing at +15000 and +10000 respectively. The gamblers, it seems, have collectively decided the likelihood of them being responsible is relatively low.

Another betting site,, offers lineups and odds identical to those provided by, with Hunter Biden being considered the prime suspect.

Hunter experienced the Fourth of July fireworks show from the White House. In contrast, Costa Rica-based bookmaker Bovada, is more favorable towards Hunter, placing a ‘Tour Group Guest’ at -400 odds as the most probable suspect, followed by Hunter at +200.

Their odds queue extends to include ‘Janitorial Staff’ and ‘Secret Service Special Agent’ below Hunter. Bizarre candidates feature as well on this list, like the fictitious character Tony Montana from the 1983 Scarface film and even former President Trump.

In a surprising turn of events, the cocaine cache was discovered in the White House’s West Wing by a Secret Service member within an area for staff and visitors, prompting a building evacuation.


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