White House denies Biden involvement in Hunter’s China business dealings


The White House made a statement on the involvement of President Biden in the business transaction between his son Hunter and a Chinese businessman. Presidential aides worked to address questions regarding a Whatsapp message in which Hunter used his father’s name in a coercive manner.

Ian Sams stated that President Biden was not in business with his son, as has been reiterated multiple times. The Justice Department makes its own decisions independently. As President Biden has previously stated, he loves his son and is proud of him for rebuilding his life.


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The Ways and Means Committee of the House Republicans is conducting an investigation into foreign business dealings involving Hunter Biden. They want to know if the older Biden was involved and if Hunter Biden traded on his father’s name.

The revelation added extra intrigue to the investigation. Hunter Biden’s attorney Chris Clark said claims that investigators cut corners for his client were ‘preposterous and deeply irresponsible.’ He further added that Hunter Biden’s actions were solely his own and did not involve anyone in his family.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre declined to comment on the WhatsApp message provided to the Ways and Means Committee. She referred the matter to the White House counsel. Ms. Jean-Pierre was questioned on the president’s decision to invite Hunter Biden to the state dinner with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. She stated that she would not comment on personal family discussions.

Representative Jackie Walorski, a Republican on the House Ways and Means Committee stated that every time a new coin drops, it adds to the seriousness of the issue. She believes the text message was a smoking gun that showed President Biden was aware of Hunter Biden’s business dealings in China.

On the other hand, Democrats are defending Hunter Biden, saying that it is not illegal to trade on a famous name. Democrats argued that in 2017, no one even knew Joe Biden would run for president. They claimed that the GOP was merely repeating unproven allegations about Hunter Biden. At the same time, the White House is also maintaining that everything the Justice Department is investigating was done independently without the involvement of the president.

The Whatsapp message was sent by Hunter Biden in 2017 to Henry Zhao, a businessman from China. It disclosed that he was sitting with his father and hoped that there would be progress in an energy deal soon. The message has been used to suggest that Hunter Biden attempted to leverage his father’s connections for his own business dealings in China.

Republicans are also concerned about the timing of Hunter Biden’s plea deal and his invitation to the state dinner. Democratic Party leaders, on the other hand, have been very protective of Hunter Biden. They see the entire investigation as an attempt to tarnish President Biden’s credibility.

The investigation into Hunter’s conduct has not concluded, and it is unlikely that it will end anytime soon. Hunter’s business dealings in Ukraine have also recently been exposed, causing negative publicity for the president. Conservative groups and Republican Congress members have expressed concerns that the president himself may be compromised given his son’s dealings in China, Russia, and Ukraine.

Many are calling this Biden’s version of the Clinton family scandal. President Biden frequently referred to issues related to the Clinton Foundation as Secretary of State during his campaign. Given the latest developments in the investigation, the Clinton comparison does not seem far off. Both involve Democratic families and the possibility of their relations using their names to further their business interests. While it remains to be seen what the investigation will uncover, it is clear that this story is not going away.

The political ramifications of the investigation into Hunter’s conduct and its potential implications for President Biden are enormous. The investigation serves as red meat for conservatives and Republicans to try and weaken the President’s credibility and undermine his commitment to the office. The White House is left with the tricky job of defending President Biden and his family without admitting any wrongdoing on Hunter’s part.

The fact remains that Hunter Biden was involved in some questionable business dealings during his father’s tenure as Vice President. While it hasn’t been proven that President Biden himself was involved, it is clear that his son was using his name to further his business dealings. This, coupled with the ongoing investigation into his affairs, spells trouble for the Biden administration.

Conservatives and Republicans will likely continue to harp on this issue until something definitive comes out. The White House will continue to state that the President had no knowledge of his son’s business dealings. For now, the investigation continues, and everyone is on the edge of their seats to see what the next development will be.

At the end of the day, President Biden has to stay focused on governing and delivering on his promises to the American people. The investigation is a distraction that he could do without, but it is also a reminder that he needs to ensure his family follows the highest ethical standards to avoid even the appearance of scandal. Only time will tell what the investigation will uncover.

While there are many questions regarding Hunter Biden’s business dealings, it is important to remember that the investigation is still ongoing. We should wait until the investigation concludes before drawing any definitive conclusions. Despite the political firestorm surrounding the issue, the truth remains that any wrongdoing should be exposed, and the guilty parties held accountable for their actions.

At the end of the day, it is the American people who deserve the truth. We should not let politics and political posturing interfere with that. As the investigation progresses, let us all remember that it is crucial to remain objective and committed to the truth. Only then can we move past the political noise and focus on the policies that matter to the American people.

The investigation into Hunter Biden’s conduct is still unfolding, and additional revelations are sure to come. One thing is for certain: the American people deserve transparency and honesty from their elected officials. Whatever the outcome of the investigation may be, we must remember that we all share a common goal: to ensure that our government serves the interests of the American people and that our officials live up to the standards we expect of them.


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