Which Players Are The Giants Paying Big Contracts To?

Big contracts have been given out this offseason by the New York Giants. Notable among them are those given to Daniel Jones, the quarterback and Dexter Lawrence, the nose tackle. Meanwhile, Saquon Barkley, the running back, is also in line for a long-term contract. It is, however, uncertain if they would reach an agreement by the July 17 deadline. Although there are other players who deserve new deals, they are, for now, contented at a team-friendly level.

Andrew Thomas, the left tackle, is a prime example of a player operating at a team-friendly level. He remains on his rookie contract and was recently rated as the biggest bargain on the Giants’ roster. Cody Benjamin of CBS Sports suggested this. Thomas is in his fourth year with a salary of $5.02 million, and his total cap hit is $10.3 million. His fifth-year option has been picked up by the Giants, and it is set for 2024, with a guarantee of $14.175 million. Given the excellent performances he has put up, it is no surprise that he is considered one of the NFL’s best bargains.

Although the Giants have paid significant amounts to some of their players, there are still others operating at rookie contract levels that they picked up in their draft years. These players offer the Giants an exceptional level of squad-depth that many other teams lack. The Giants’ management seems to realize this; hence they have picked up Thomas’ fifth-year option. Thomas has been an indispensable player for the Giants since his draft year.

It is normal for players to push for new lucrative contracts after their rookie deals expire. The Giants have a good problem with a few such players. Saquon Barkley, the famously explosive running back, is one of them. The Giants, however, have a set budget that they adhere to strictly; thus, they would have to do right by the other players seeking new contracts. Barkley deserves a new contract, and Giants’ fans would hope that the team will find a way to keep him in New York.


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Daniel Jones, the Giants’ current quarterback, is one of the key players that represent the future of the franchise. They have invested in him, and he has shown signs of growth in recent games. Jones needs to have a good season this year for the Giants to stand a chance of making the playoffs. If he can put together a good season, he is guaranteed to be rewarded by the Giants.

With the NFL luxury tax in mind, teams must manage their finances efficiently. Teams can push themselves into a corner with inflated salaries and make it hard to sign quality players. Hence, the Giants must continue holding back on significant budget allocations to players who have not proven their worth. Andrew Thomas is proof that exceptional talent can come cheap.

Quality offensive linemen are rare in the NFL, and they are highly valued. Given that he is only 22, Thomas is one of the NFL’s best young linemen. The Giants have a gem on their hands; he’s still on a rookie contract, and he has so much room to grow. The future seems very bright for both Thomas and the Giants as they could build a team around him.

The value of contracts awarded to offensive linemen increases each year. Paying starting offensive linemen tens of millions is a new reality for many teams. The Giants’ management realizes this, and they are happy to have exceptional talent for relatively cheap. Andrew Thomas is a model of what a rookie contract level player can contribute to any team.

The role of an offensive lineman is one of the most underrated in American football. Good offensive linemen can make an average running back an exceptional one. Andrew Thomas is an excellent fit for the Giants’ blocking schemes; this is another reason why he is such a valuable member of the Giants’ team. Given his excellent performances, fans are excited about what he can achieve next season.

Players who are operating on rookie contracts are in an ultra-competitive position. They understand that they don’t have enough leverage to force their teams’ hands. The best they can do is to work hard and impress on the field. Andrew Thomas has been excellent in his first three seasons with the Giants. He’s a player that opponents must keep an eye on when they face him.

Being the Giants’ biggest bargain is not just about the salary Andrew Thomas is on. It is also about the level of performances he has put up. Fans and analysts alike are confident that he can maintain and exceed these performances in the years to come. The Giants have a real gem in Thomas, and they know it.

The Giants have made significant strides in the NFL in the past few seasons. Given the bright performances of their younger players, they are poised for more success. The likes of Daniel Jones, Saquon Barkley, and, of course, Andrew Thomas are significant parts of this journey to success. Thomas is an embodiment of what many newer players should aspire to be. His passion, dedication, and work ethic are inspiring.

At the Giants, players must earn their starting spots on the team. It doesn’t matter how much they are earning or their draft positions. They must be comfortable with competing every season to remain the team’s best choice. Andrew Thomas is proof of this, as he has had to earn his starting spot on the team.

It would be great to see more players operate at team-friendly salaries in NFL teams. It can be a win-win situation for both the player and their team. There’s no doubt that Andrew Thomas’ salary is a steal for the Giants. However, he knows that he must continue playing at an exceptional level to earn what he deserves. That is why he is still among the best and most consistent linemen in the NFL.

It would be interesting to see what other teams would offer Andrew Thomas if he were a free agent today. His performance and potential would make him one of the most sought-after offensive linemen in the league. At the Giants, they know how much he’s worth, and they are contented with what they are paying. However, this could change in the future if he maintains his level of performance.

Andrew Thomas is a gem; there’s no doubt about that. He’s young, talented, hardworking, and knows how to get the job done. As he enters his fourth year with the Giants, fans are excited about the possibilities. He could potentially lead the Giants to their first Super Bowl appearance in years. Many analysts rate him as one of the best young linemen in the NFL, and it is up to him to prove them right.


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