WATCH: Trump Says Biden’s Ego is the Only Thing Keeping him in the Presidential Race

Unchecked Biden ‘Ego’ A Threat to Democracy: Trump Warns

In a recent telephonic conversation with Sean Hannity, presented by Fox News, the likely GOP candidate Donald Trump aired his views on why Joe Biden, the President, is not bowing out of the race. A central factor offered by Trump was Biden’s ‘ego’, along with a mention of Biden’s family playing a role in insulating him from critique, thereby encouraging him to remain in the race.

In Trump’s words, ‘Biden’s cognitive deterioration is being shielded by his family and largely ignored by the media, but that’s proving a tough task now’. He suggestively remarked on Biden’s resistance to stepping down, attributing it to his ego as well as his desire to stay relevant.

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Trump went on to talk about Hunter Biden, who, having faced conviction on multiple criminal charges, still manages to join White House discussions with his father. Trump voiced his disapproval of such practices, categorically stating that this course of action is harmful to our nation’s interest.

Trump added, ‘Giving up does not seem an option for Biden, and he would feel regret for a long time if he quit’. The 45th President voiced an appeal to discuss with Biden’s doctors, while expressing that Biden has been cushioned from a reality-check by dishonest media, hence his reference to them as ‘Fake News’.

This detailed commentary from Trump ensued post the declaration by Biden, the seasoned 81-year-old Democrat, that he has no intention of withdrawing from the race, a decision that goes against the popular demand of his party. This stubborn resistance has stirred fresh controversies in the political realm.

Biden made his intentions clear in an MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ show, firmly addressing Democrats who want him to step down to confront him at the upcoming convention. He stated, ‘Our journey isn’t stopping here, I am not backing out, never had any doubts of my potential to defeat Trump in 2024.’

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Biden sounded confident in asserting, ‘Our democratic process of nominee selection witnessed a clear mandate from voters. I won by a whopping 14 million votes, and that is just to start with’. He seemed keen on re-establishing not just his belief in his competence to run the race smoothly, but also his positive anticipation of proving the same.

The President went a step further to challenge Democrat party leaders suggesting his resignation, fueled by their concerns over his health and cognitive abilities. With multiple Democrats voicing that Biden steps down and paves the way for a new nominee, these declarations have turned heads nationally.

Biden, undeterred, addressed common citizens saying, ‘No ordinary voter is ditching me. But here’s why I’m in the race – first, to restructure the economy to the benefit of the real hard-working class. Give everyone a fair chance. A real, straight chance.’

Next, he dismissed the rumors questioning his support among the black community. He dared the party elites to accompany him in the field to witness his popularity. Clearly aggravated by the party’s high-handed approach, he exclaims, ‘I am truly fed up with these elites who presume they know everything.’

Biden puts forth a final challenge to those questioning his candidacy saying, ‘If any of you truly believes I am unfit for this race, go ahead, announce your own presidential bid or dare to challenge me at the convention.’

With his resolve to stay in the race, despite an awful debate performance witnessed by 51 million Americans, Biden corroborates Trump’s critique of the situation. It becomes evident that Biden’s ego is steering his re-election move, coupled with his apparently failing capacity to acknowledge his cognitive decline.


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