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WATCH: Trump Backs Texas in Border Security Initiative Amid Supreme Court Setback

Trump Praises Texas’s Constitutional Initiative Amid Border Crisis


In a recent discussion, the renowned Trump Campaign Press Secretary unequivocally affirmed that former President Donald J. Trump supports Texas’s initiative to fortify its southern frontier. This assurance arrives following a considerable setback that Texas experienced from the Supreme Court, which empowered the Biden administration to dismantle the obstructions Texan authorities had established to thwart illegal entries.

“We are fully backing the commendable Republican chiefs, like Governor Abbott and many others who have pledged to safeguard their states and their people,” voiced Leavitt during a conversation with Jack Posobiec, anchor at Human Events Daily. “At present, an incursion of about 10 million unauthorized entrants has stormed our boundaries—a figure that could be drastically underestimated.”

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Continuing his impassioned discourse, Leavitt stated, “These entrants are being transported across the breadth of our nation at the American taxpayer’s expense. It’s crucial to remember, every state is a border state, Texas is not an isolated case.” His statement underscores a harsh reality, clearly positioning Team Trump as a leading voice on this key issue that has significant ramifications for America and its citizens.

A country devoid of secure perimeters struggles to maintain its identity and sovereignty. The subject of border security could potentially emerge as a pivotal facet of the 2024 elections as an increasing number of citizens become attuned to the implications of the current administration’s lenient border policies.

Echoing this sentiment, ex-President Trump re-emphasized in a widely-shared Truth Social post, “During my tenure as President, we upheld the highest levels of border safety the history of this nation has known. The current administration, in an alarming turn of events, has relinquished our secure borders, facilitating an unchecked influx of millions of illegal immigrants into our home soil.”

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Trump further stated incredulously how the administration is making significant efforts to disable Texas’s means to counter this unchecked influx instead of concentrating those efforts on national protection. He pointed out the dire straits of National Security, Public Safety, and Public Health due to this unchecked flow of immigrants.

In the throes of these pressing crises, Texas has judiciously invoked the Invasion Clause of the Constitution, standing tall in the face of adversity. By so doing, it is accomplishing a monumental task – a task that deserves unequivocal backing to stem this onslaught. Trump did not shy away from expressing his belief that he would partner with Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) from the outset in creating a solution to this pressing issue.

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After all, the public’s demand for trusted borders is unequivocal. We cannot afford to abandon this fundamental entity or waste our sovereign capacity to decide with whom we associate. This truth underscores the urgent need for a robust response and strategic measures to ensure border security.

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